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Now There’s a Rap Song About Rockville

First, there was "Arlington: The Rap." Now the Maryland suburbs are getting in on the action, too.
A video tribute to Rockville (where, in the spirit of full disclosure, I'll note that I grew up) appeared on YouTube this week, full of shots of iconic local businesses—Womack Pest Control, Quartermaine Coffee Roasters, Second Story Books—and lyrics [...]

The Needle: Unseasonably Hot

Summer's Here: At 90 degrees, today's weather is hot enough to break records. -5
Funny Money: It's been a rough day for bitcoins, the decentralized, buzzy Internet currency. But what does this mean for the Washington-based National Bitcoin Poker Club? -1

This Is Where the Magic Happened: D.C. Area’s Last Magic Shop Closing This Weekend

Rockville's Barry's Magic Shop, which has been peddling card and coin tricks to the D.C. area's magicians from various locations for 38 years, is about to pull its own disappearing act. The store, the D.C. area's last magic shop, will close Sunday.
Married owners Barry Taylor and Susan Kang are closing the store so Taylor can [...]

World Cup Roundup: Cult of El Diego Convenes at El Patio

The only thing better than noshing fresh hot empanadas at 7:28 a.m. is watching tempestuous Argentine hero Diego Maradona go apeshit while you chew. Special correspondents C.T. Schwink and Mike Madden report from El Patio in Rockville early Thursday morning, where the owner demands that everyone stands during the broadcast of Himno Nacional Argentino:

The Blotter: They Don’t Call It A ‘Hack’ License for Nothing

You Just Lost Your Tip, Buddy: A cab driver reportedly pulled a knife on a rider after refusing to give change for a $20. On June 12,  at about 1:15 a.m, a man tried to pay for his cab ride to a spot on the 1900 block of 17th Street NW with a $20 bill. The cabbie refused to make change. [...]

The Blotter: GWU Student Dies From Fall

Fatal Fall: A George Washington University student has died after falling from a fifth-floor dormitory window, according to the GW Hatchet. On Sunday at around 4 a.m, Taylor Hubbard, 20, fell from a window located in Guthridge Hall. Cops believe there was no foul play involved. The Hatchet talked to one of the students who discovered [...]

Breaking News: New Nats Manager Is Former ‘Soul Sensation’!

Mere hours after the Washington Nationals named a new manager, local genius and longtime City Paper person Dave Nuttycombe sent me some photos from an old Richard Montgomery High School yearbook of the small, tough kid known around Rockville as "Little Jimmy Riggleman."
Apparently Riggleman, a jocky sort, grew enough right after his 1970 graduation to [...]

Seeing Red on the Red Line…Still

So on Wednesday morning, the lovely people at WMATA issued a press release stating that the Takoma station will continue to close at 10 p.m. every night until July 19th.  They amended the statement with another one this morning, stating that tonight, the station will stay open until 3 a.m., the normal closing time on [...]