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Photos: Monday, in the Park

Morning Roundup: The Magic of Fall Edition

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Neighborhood Watch: Rock Creek Park and Deer Burgers

The Issue: Should we shoot the deer? The National Park Service (NPS) is trying to decide how to deal with the white-tailed deer population. They've been mating like rabbits and eating all the shrubs.
Proponent: Adrienne Colman, Superintendent of Rock Creek Park, says: "It's just one of the options. Montgomery County has been sharpshooting for some [...]

Sentencing Tomorrow for Former NPR Tech Reporter Caught Downloading Child Porn

David Malakoff, 46, who resigned from NPR's Science and Tech desk after being charged with possessing child pornography on an NPR-owned computer, will be sentenced in federal court tomorrow.
According to the Examiner, more than 100 people wrote to District Court Judge Ellen Huvelle vouching for his character, including high-profile Post reporter Brigid Schulte. She described [...]

Tuesday, On The Bridge

Rock Creek Trail Flooded

Rock Creek, in roughly the area shown in the following Google Maps grab, has jumped its banks and has flooded the multi-use trail. It's passable, but only on the grassy median. The Rock Creek Parkway is unaffected. The TimberForm exercise stations are all accessible. Wait times are minimal.

Occult Worship in Rock Creek Park?

Josh Bowers, the local lawyer who pointed me to the pieces of the U.S. Capitol and the weird, shallow wells dug behind them, writes today that "it was only a matter of time until an occult group theory would surface."
Bowers has been posting this week's CP story to various Listservs and e-mail groups, hoping someone [...]

Friday, In The Park

Maryland Delegate Reads Blogs, Tries to Influence Rock Creek Park

Maryland State Del. Bill Frick (D-Montgomery County) sent a letter Monday to the superintendent of Rock Creek Park as an appeal to close Beach Drive to car traffic for an extended period. Currently, the park road popular with cyclists, Rollerbladers, runners, etc., opens at 7 p.m. That's all well and good when it's winter, but [...]

Classic Overuse of Emergency Responders in Rock Creek Park

On Saturday afternoon, my dude and I descended down the Pinehurst Trail in Rock Creek Park to some excitement. An ambulance whizzed toward us on West Beach Drive. A woman in a fanny pack ran by us, apparently chasing down the red lights.
"He's on the other side of the bridge, near where those two people [...]

Turtle Leads Scientists to Marijuana Farm in Rock Creek Park

Watch out, drug-sniffing dogs: You've got some competition.
According to an article posted this morning, a turtle fitted with a GPS device meandered into a remote area of Rock Creek Park and led a National Park Service employee to a marijuana-growing operation.
A National Park Service employee was tracking a turtle with the gadget for research [...]