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Robin Ficker’s Still Got It, Whatever “It” Is!

Robin Ficker

I was on the Washington Post archives site recently and noticed in the middle of the page they had a list of the most popular stories currently being pulled from 130 or so years of newspapers.
On this night, the roster looked like this:

Most Viewed Articles (Updated Daily)
•  Display Ad 22 — No Title
•  Overnight Legend Descends on [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Draft Evades the Wiz, Nats Need the Hot Dog Gatling Gun, Skins Fans Annoy, Vick? Ficker?

In hockey, being the biggest loser one year gets you Alex Ovechkin for the next 15.
In the NBA, being the second biggest loser in the 2008-2009 season means Blake Griffin's brother Taylor might still be available when you get to pick.
The draft lottery is ridiculous!
Michael Vick's almost out.
Would He? Could He?
Will He?
The Redskins have [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: The World’s Greatest Beer Man, Milstein Resurfaces, Ficker Running Again

Fortune magazine has named some folks who might try to get control of the New York Times from the Sulzberger family.
The piece has some likely suspects — David Geffen and Google, among them.
But the most intriguing and, for us locals, scariest of the alleged Times takeoverers?
Howard Milstein.
Yes, THAT Howard Milstein.
The Howard Milstein who a [...]

Run, Ficker, Run

Robin Ficker, who sued to get Redskins seasons tickets 20 years but turned them back into the team a few weeks ago, isn't going into hibernation.
As Fickerphiles know, making a scene at sporting events ain't his only fetish: So is running for political office.
As Ficker, a ruthless and tireless campaigner who has run for every [...]