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The Needle: Hail to the Wineskins

Hogs: Post columnist Robert McCartney and other Pigskins fans are unhappy about rowdy, drunk spectators at FedEx Field. -2
Homicide Watch Watch: Murder-tracking site Homicide Watch is expanding to Chicago. But what about Grizzly Watch? +2

The Post Notices Its Commenters Are Assholes

In the comments of a Post magazine story about a woman who divorced her husband after he had a debilitating stroke, columnist Robert McCartney notes things got very nasty, very quickly:
Writers didn’t stop at condemning Ivie for divorcing her first husband, an act that they said violated her marriage vows. They went on (and on), [...]

Note to Metro GM Candidates: You Can Become the ‘Michelle Rhee of Washington Transit’

Or so said the Post's Robert McCartney on WAMU this morning, discussing who might replace the departing John Catoe: "This is a very prestigious position, general manager of Washington's Metro system. It's the second largest transit system in the country, it's in the nation's capital. So I think a lot of ambitious, you know, 40-something [...]

Weekend in Review

OK, I've heard enough: The D.C. government, if I were King Adrian M. Fenty, would freeze all funding for nonprofit social service providers till each and every one of them could show documentation that they deserve their earmarks. That's the lesson from Washington City Paper's midsummer audits of the nonprofits that Ward 8 Councilmember Marion [...]

Weekend in Review

Big news of the weekend is that someone is finally standing up for Redskins Owner Daniel Snyder. Who would so such a thing, you ask? Could it be spokesperson Karl Swanson? Nah, that wouldn't merit the first item in City Desk's much-acclaimed Weekend in Review feature. Could it be fellow sports mogul Ted Leonsis? Nah, [...]

Weekend in Review

Well, it took a few days, but the opinionmakers over at the Washington Post came up with some impressions on how D.C. public schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee handled herself at a pivotal Thursday hearing before the D.C. Council. Here's the WaPo editorial board, which hardly interrupts its yearslong standing ovation of the Rhee regime:

More Thoughts on the New, Re-Org’d WaPo

If you see any typos in today's Washington Post, there's a good reason. Very little work went down at the 15th and L HQ yesterday, what with all the chatter about the reorganization plan handed down by the paper's top editors.
Much of the gossip continues to center on the plans of acclaimed Metro columnist [...]

Is Fisher Bagging His Column?

As discussed in an amazing earlier post, the Washington Post blew up its newsroom today. Via the most masterfully written, almost inspiring, re-org memo, Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli changed forever the way that Posties take stories, blog items, and Tweets, and channel them to the paper's various platforms. The memo is not only [...]

WaPo Re-Org: Holy Shit!

Marcus Brauchli has been executive editor of the Washington Post for nearly eight months. A lot of that time he's spent burrowing into coverage of the global economic meltdown, having meetings with key individuals, and banging away at his BlackBerry. Changes, as is customary at the Post, have come slowly and cautiously, such as the [...]

Washington Times Beats Competition to Vatican Story–But Fairly?

The Vatican's D.C.-based media operation offered a common deal to eight or nine news organizations this week: We'll give you the details on an important Vatican position paper on biomedical ethics, so long as you agree to embargo the information.
The embargo time was a bit unorthodox, to be sure: 6 a.m. today–a time that [...]