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Unobstructed View: Who Cares Who Gets to Break the News?

Almost no one will think of RGIII's release as a story that ESPN’s Dianna Russini was first with on Twitter.

Unobstructed View: The Wizards, Markieff Morris, and Chicken Sandwiches

Why wouldn’t fans be more excited about a free chicken sandwich than a win?

Unobstructed View: Let RGIII Go. Please.

I don't understand why people are still this interested in Griffin.

Unobstructed View: 8 Questions About the Pigskins Ahead of the NFL Playoffs

Do you bench Cousins for Sunday's regular season finale? What should we expect in the first round?

Unobstructed View: Don’t Start Believin’ (Yet)

It was a good win for the Pigskins, but ...

Unobstructed View: In Cancelling The Man Cave, the Same Patterns Play Out Again

This pattern is very familiar: advance, backpedal, move forward again, scuttle

Unobstructed View: Let’s Actually Talk About Race and Sports

Reflections on Kirk Cousins, Robert Griffin III, and race

Unobstructed View: Great News—Kirk Cousins Is Awful!

His terrible performance is actually a good thing. It's what the team needed to find out this season.

The Needle: Ice Cream Tragedy Edition

Blue Period: The city's arts commission paid $25,000—and the Capital Riverfront BID paid another $25,000—for artist Robert Kent Wilson to paint 18 pylons under the Southeast Freeway blue. Too bad the paint began to peel after a few months—and too bad that, despite a free repainting by the artist, passersby still don't realize it's art. [...]

The Needle: Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants

License to Thrill: Mayor Vince Gray will introduce legislation tomorrow that would allow undocumented immigrants in the District to get driver's licenses. +/-0
Chihuahua Crime: A Hyattsville man has been accused of choking his ex-girlfriend, then stealing her chihuahua. -2

The Needle: Waving Goodbye

Serious Stuff: Should Nationals fans stop doing "the wave?" Your Needler doesn't know anything about baseball, but it does seem like the anti-wave crowd is light on arguments. DCist writes: "It's amateurish, never well-timed, and, well, kind of pointless." Coincidentally, that could describe most things fans do at sports games. Plus, Bryce Harper is in [...]

District Line Daily: Snowy Monday

A morning roundup of news, opinion, and links from Washington City Paper and around the District. Send tips and ideas to
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This is why you don't waste all the snow nicknames and closures on one storm. In [...]

The Needle: Kwame Brown at the Holidays

My Bad: Disgraced ex-Council Chairman Kwame Brown is using the holidays as a chance to proclaim his innocence to his supporters—except as far as his bank fraud goes. He did that.  +1
Going Bald: Pigskins quarterback Kirk Cousins blames his new cropped haircut not on an overzealous teammate with a razor but on a barber who [...]

The Needle: Will He Or Won’t He?

Gridiron Gridlock: Is injured Robert Griffin III definitely out of contention to start for the Pigskins on Sunday, or not? Wide receiver Pierre Garçon says he is, but the Post reports otherwise. -4
Passenger Falls Off: Construction could close popular 7th Street NW bar The Passenger. -3

The Needle: Taxi to the Dark Side

Cab Calamity: The District has released four cab paint designs, which range from "hideous" to "not as hideous as the other three." Councilmember Mary Cheh declares some of the designs "horrid." -5
RGIII Recuperating: Pigskins quarterback Robert Griffin III could get over his sprained ligament injury in time for next Sunday's game. +3