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White House Again Fends Off D.C. License Plate Questions

Stop holding your breath, folks: It's become clear that President Barack Obama has absolutely no intention of putting Taxation Without Representation license plates on his limousine.
ABC News reporter Yunji de Nies got Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on the record at this afternoon's press briefing:

Mark Plotkin Gets Into It With Robert Gibbs

WTOP's Mark Plotkin bought Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs a radio (he'd said he didn't have one). Then he proceeded to press Gibbs on why Obama has yet to put "Taxation Without Representation" license plates on the presidential limo. Gibbs is very nice about it:

Jake Tapper Gets The Spotlight

This morning I did something I rarely do on Twitter. I wrote what was exactly on my mind (which I guess is the point of twitter). I typed out: "Jake Tapper had the best question at the Obama press conference." I sat there last night watching the Obama press conference like it was event television. [...]

Obama Administration Wannabes Unite!

To the uninitiated, the apolitical, the name of this group looks a lot like a typo. "The Junior State of America." What's that?
Well, that is a national group of youth who are destined for greatness and influence. Former White House Press Secretary Michael McCurry put it like this, on the occasion of tonight's Junior State [...]