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Save Rob Dibble!

Is it too late for a telethon? A car wash? A blood drive? A war? Anything to save Rob Dibble from getting run out of town?
Yeah, it's probably too late.
Dibble has been away from the Nats broadcasting booth since shortly after Stephen Strasburg screwed up the commentator's counsel — basically "suck it up!" and play [...]

Being Rob Dibble

For the One Armed Bandit that is the print platform of Washington City Paper, I wrote this week about Rob Dibble. Pick up a copy, read the column, drink at every bar that advertises with us, feed the beast.
I visited with Dibble a few weeks ago at Nationals Park, hours before Stephen Strasburg faced the [...]

Heat and Ink Don’t Mix: A Cautionary Tale About Rob Dibble’s Tattoos

The Great Dan Steinberg™ delivered some great Web TV earlier this week. He Steinographed™ an episode of Nationals’ broadcasters Ray Knight and Rob Dibble Playing the Feud™ on MASN after Stephen Strasburg’s™ last outing.
Knight had offered counsel to the young superstar – he’s got to learn to throw balls when he’s way ahead in the [...]

Meet Stephen Strasburg, the New…Rob Dibble?

To try to exploit SteveMania and still meet deadlines, for this week's cash-machinelike print version of Washington City Paper, I wrote about the history of the 100 mile an hour fastball in our town. Sort of. Pick up a copy, read about it, patronize all the advertisers twice.
The Nats' marketing campaign leading up to Stephen [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Another Bad Day for Nats, Another ‘Great Day’ for Skins

Sounds like Rob Dibble has already seen enough.
Dibble, the Nationals color commentator, spoke for every fan yesterday. He went off when second baseman Anderson Hernandez jumped out of the way of a fine throw from pitcher Jesus Colome on a routine sacrifice attempt in the eighth inning and the Nats up a run over Philly.
Hernandez's [...]