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Lyft Line Coming to D.C. Next Week

You can carpool via Lyft starting Nov. 19.

Uber to Launch Carpooling Service in D.C. Next Week

Mark your calendars for Oct. 22, District commuters.

D.C. Airports Authority Approves Rideshare Presence at Reagan and Dulles

Come November, Uber and Lyft will be more regularly available at an airport near you.

Taxi Commission Will Regulate Rideshare Drivers

Call it the Uber regulation fight, round 2. When ridesharing service Sidecar, which essentially lets anyone with a decent car and a clean record become a driver for hire, launched in Washington last month, D.C. Taxi Cab Commission chairman Ron Linton characterized himself as "surprised," but held back on regulating Sidecar. But today, the commission [...]