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Why Did Style Weekly Fire Chris Dovi? 1) He’s Bad at Sending E-Mails. 2) It Was Spineless.

Autocomplete wasn't the only thing that screwed Chris Dovi. Sure, the now-former reporter at Richmond, Va.'s Style Weekly did himself no favors: Instead of telling a persistent flack "no thanks" when pitched a half-dozen times about an upcoming seminar by blind motivational speaker Will Weeks, he punted to his editor, Scott Bass. Unfortunately, when typing [...]

Virginia Votes

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch's never-not-amazing polling troubles page.

One woman was arrested outside of the poll at the Whitcomb Court recreation room in the East End after she flicked a lit cigarette at a police officer. The woman was upset because she no longer was qualified to vote in the precinct, [Registrar J. Kirk Showalter] said. [...]

Dispatch From Richmond: Huge Turnout

Doug Sparks, a D.C. lawyer stationed in Richmond to monitor voting, has just stumbled into the Holiday Inn. He's heading to the bar, he says.
Sparks needs to charge up his cellphone. And, he says, he needs a drink.
It is 5:12 p.m. Sparks has been working at one precinct since 5:30 a.m. He says the turnout [...]

Richmond Dispatch: Huge Lines, Rain

Our poll watcher, Doug Sparks, reports in from Richmond at 11:50 a.m.
This morning, Sparks says, there was a three-hour wait to vote at his precinct.
There were only slight problems. The most recent thing–the Henrico County Sheriff drove by and planted McCain/Palin signs along a traffic median. "Once those went up, we called it in," Sparks [...]

More Virginia Election Nuttiness

You might want to get used to the words "Vice President Palin." [Richmond Times-Dispatch]
In some precincts, voters experienced problems because optical scanning equipment was not working properly. In other locations, people were filling out ballots with wet hands and clothes, which caused problems with the machines.

Richmond Voting: Fail

Some lowlights of voting in the Virginia capital, as reported today by WWBT-TV.

308 precint Library
Librarian overslept did not open until 5:55am and voters let in at 6:25am
Swift Creek Middle School-Midlothian
Machines stopped working — no techanican on site. Long lines, hundreds of people waiting in line. Paper ballots were given out and filled out but can [...]