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Metro CEO Richard Sarles to Retire

He'll step down in mid-January.

Silver Line Is Averaging 15,000 Riders on Weekdays

But has ridership already plateaued?

Should Busking Be Allowed in Metro? A Musician Suing WMATA Thinks So.

Enter a New York City subway station and there's a good chance you'll hear some sort of street performer playing for money—some enjoyable, some not so much. But walk into a Metro station, and you won't find any live entertainment, except maybe the accidental kind. And there's a reason for that.
The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority strictly prohibits [...]

WMATA Sued Over Strict Criminal Background Check Policy

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's criminal background screening policies for employees unfairly discriminate against black workers, a class action suit filed today alleges.
The suit, filed by the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs, and law firm Arnold & Porter, alleges that Metro and three [...]

Silver Line Will Open for Business July 26

The long-awaited and much-delayed Silver Line will be open for business on July 26 (of this year!), Metro General Manager Richard Sarles announced today.
Metro has missed numerous deadlines for the line's opening in the past and in recent months has been wary of providing a firm opening date, presumably fearing that it would miss yet another one.
But today, Sarles [...]

The Needle: Desplattered Edition

Baby Rides Free: A mother and the baby she gave birth to earlier today on the L'Enfant Plaza Metro station platform were taken to George Washington University Hospital, where both are doing fine. They've already received a gift from Metro GM Richard Sarles: a $100 SmarTrip card. +2
Lincoln Scrub: Following last week's splattering, the Lincoln Memorial [...]

District Line Daily: D.C.’s Most Dangerous Intersections

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If you're driving through Washington, you might want to avoid New York Ave. and Florida Ave. [...]

Metro Boss Wants to Make SmarTrips Obsolete

Metro General Manager Richard Sarles is working on a plan to phase out SmarTrip cards, according to WTOP.
Instead of using SmarTrip cards, Sarles told audience members at George Washington University yesterday, passengers would pay directly at turnstiles with their phones or credit cards.
"The key thing is you would no longer have to stop at a [...]

District Line Daily: Busted

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The Springfield groper has struck again, this time in Fairfax County's Kingstowne neighborhood. But new details [...]

Metro’s Richard Sarles to Green Line Passengers: Our Bad

How bad was the Green Line last night, when a series of problems left passengers trapped in a tunnel? So bad that, of all the Metro snafus, this one has inspired an apology from Metro General Manager Richard Sarles.
"I agree with our customers that what happened last night was unacceptable and we are [...]

Fighting Anti-Muslim Ads Cost Metro $35K in Attorney Fees

Thanks to Metro, "Anti-jihad" blogger Pamela Geller—or her attorney—is now a little bit richer. The transit agency's ill-fated attempt to delay running ads from Geller's American Freedom Defense Initiative group that equated Muslims with savages will cost the agency $35,000 in attorney's fees for AFDI, according to a new email obtained by the Legal Times.
In the [...]

Metro to Save Best Part About Metro

Is there a better feeling than leaving Metro with a negative balance on your SmarTrip card? It's like you had one too many at the Metro Tavern, don't have enough to cover the bill, and ol' Richard Sarles offers to put it on your tab. "I know you're good for it," he says. "You've got [...]

Metro to Pepco: Heckuva Job—Really!

Lots of people are mad at Pepco over the whole "no power for a week" thing. Even Vince Gray says the utility is taking too long, and he's barely back from China.
But government-sanctioned monopolies have to stick together, and Metro has the power company's back. In a letter to Pepco thanking the company for helping [...]

Metro Execs Make A Lot Of Money

Who's the best paid transit manager in the country? WMATA's own General Manager Richard Sarles, who earns $350,000 a year, plus another $3,200 in monthly pension payments from his time working at New Jersey Transit. Sarles did have the good sense to turn down a performance bonus offered by the Metro board, perhaps to reduce [...]

Metro Hearing From Customers Whether They Like It Or Not

On Monday we noted that the latest customer survey from WMATA really doesn't seem to be interested in actual customer input, based on the lack of space for customers to suggest solutions for the current $116 million budget gap. In the survey, customers are allowed to play with one option: General Manager Richard Sarles' proposal [...]