Will Riggleman Get Snydered?

We learned this week that Jim Riggleman, another guy named Jim who got a top coaching job in DC after coming here from Seattle intending to be just an underling only to be thrust into a more prominent position and then led his team to a lousy record which inspired much debate about his job [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Michael Vick Inspired ‘Whale Wars’?

Brett Favre's gone, so Michael Vick talk dominates.
Vinny Cerrato yesterday told the Washington Post that the Redskins will not pursue Vick, doggedly or otherwise. But Cerrato has fibbed so many times about personnel matters, most blatantly while acquiring Jason Taylor from Miami last summer, that his credibility in these situations is less than zero. So [...]

Breaking News: New Nats Manager Is Former ‘Soul Sensation’!

Mere hours after the Washington Nationals named a new manager, local genius and longtime City Paper person Dave Nuttycombe sent me some photos from an old Richard Montgomery High School yearbook of the small, tough kid known around Rockville as "Little Jimmy Riggleman."
Apparently Riggleman, a jocky sort, grew enough right after his 1970 graduation to [...]