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The Needle: Discretionary Spending

Sequestration Sadness The Department of Labor used taxpayer money to hire one of the Washington Nationals' presidential mascots to cheer up employees when sequestration hit. -3
Trendy Stampede: There was a long line along 14th Street and Florida Avenue NW today outside DTLR as customers tried to snag a pair of these pretty gaudy and not that [...]

Richard Cohen, Still Making Friends

The Washington Post's seemingly unable-to-get-fired columnist Richard Cohen is back at it, with yet another grotesquely clumsy piece opining on the political issues through the rose-tinted statement glasses of yesteryear.
It's not worth getting too deeply into what Cohen is writing—something about Chris Christie's tea party problem and his chances in Iowa—but one line of his column [...]

Washington Post on Hoodies: Perfect and Utilitarian, or the Uniform of Thugs?

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen wrote this morning that Trayvon Martin was killed because he was wearing "a certain uniform," one that he tells Politico are "what's worn by a whole lot of thugs."
That uniform—a hooded sweatshirt—is described like this on the Post's online store (brought to Washington City Paper's attention by the Huffington Post's Aaron [...]

Hands Off Richard Cohen!

Were you kissing Washington Post columnist and aspiring silver fox Richard Cohen on the lips, or thinking about it? Well, don't. Cohen's column today, "Presuming too much intimacy," is about how people, kissing him hello and using his first name, are all up in his face when he doesn't want them to be.
"I want to [...]

Washington Post’s Richard Cohen: Sleep With Me, Ladies

As long as Washington Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth is looking for old guys to toss overboard, may I suggest columnist Richard Cohen? All she'll need to show cause is his latest column, a weird melange of universal yearning and general leering at young people. Gawker has already taken a look at the creepy vibe of [...]

Is When Harry Met Sally Based on Sally Quinn?

Perhaps! New York's DNAInfo flags an interview in which Washington Post writer and recovering Georgetown social scene tent-pole Sally Quinn tells Andrea Mitchell that Nora Ephron told her that she based the "Sally" character in romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally on her.
Quinn says Ephron once revealed the inspiration for Meg Ryan's character at the [...]