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October: The Month In Photos

Our Morning Roundup: Remembering Brian Betts

As the death of Principal Brian Betts continues to be investigated, I spent part of my night reading something unrelated to his murder. I read the Facebook tribute page that had inevitably been created to honor his memory. On that page, there is no surplus debate, no one demonizing Michelle Rhee. And there is no [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Gray Needs To Make Up His Mind!

The Washington Post endorses Gray...vs. Fenty. In an editorial, they write that Chairman Vincent Gray should stop dithering and enter the mayoral race. Fenty deserves a challenger. And Fenty's detractors need to show some guts and run someone for mayor: "It's clear from the money he has raised and the campaign apparatus that he's assembled [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Can DCPS Heat Its Classrooms?

Almost as awesome as the real Arenas' twitter posts, FakeShanahan writes via Twitter yesterday:
"Wait a minute. Clinton Portis is on this team?"
"Wow DC is as cold as Denver. I don't see what the big difference is going to be. Oh yeah, all the losing."
"I'm ironing my clothes for tomorrow's Press Conference [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Skyland Project Endures Three-Hour Zoning Hearing

Harry Potter and the Urban School Nightmare reports on the blame game that seems to go on at every DCPS meeting:
"In numerous staff meetings, my administration has told teachers that our students are failing because we're not using engaging instruction or making meaningful c onnections. My response, rather than acknowledging that there are times when [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Do You Appreciate Your Local Record Shop?

The Washington Teacher thinks Rhee might be done:
"From the looks of the online comments on The WaPo website, it seems like Rhee has lost favor with many of her former supporters. I remember when Rhee first came to DC to reign as Chancellor of our public schools over two years ago. At that time Rhee's [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The Joy Of The Mandatory DCPS Meeting

Harry Potter and the Urban School Nightmare wonders if their insurance covers insanity. This is awesome:
Yesterday we had our monthly staff meeting after school. Interestingly enough, the first thirty minutes of this mandatory whole-school meeting were dedicated not to raising test scores, preparing for IMPACT observations, or discussing important events coming up at our school. [...]

Our Morning Roundup Shocker: Teachers Not Pleased With Rhee’s Testimony

The New Teacher on the Block sums up Rhee's testimony last week:
"So it boils down to this: Michelle Rhee intentionally and illegally fabricated a budget shortfall in order to fire teachers. Around the time of the RIF she blamed the City Council for the lack of funds, but all this shows that there was room [...]

Our Morning Roundup: DCPS Students Discover The Working Lunch

Dee Does The District doesn't appreciate a sad bit of race baiting reported from the marathon hearing on the DCPS teacher layoffs.
Harry Potter and the Urban School Nightmare despairs over their students' poor attendance. They write:
"Our school's enrollment is down, and attendance is lower than I've ever seen it. When I first started at my [...]

Students: Post-RIF McKinley High School “Dreary”

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McKinley Technology High School lost 15 staff members on Oct. 3 to controversial "reductions in force," an effort by Chancellor Michelle Rhee to fix what she says is a budget deficit in District schools. The teachers were escorted out of the school by police, as if they posed a danger to their [...]

Our Morning Roundup: What’s On Your Agenda?

Dee Does the District believes last week's protest will have no effect on Rhee's hold on DCPS:
"The City Council uses only rhetoric to denounce the pairs' actions; remember when Vincent Gray caved and restored the school funding he originally cut? The Washington Teachers Union has been utterly useless in the struggle between 825 and teachers' [...]

Our Morning Roundup: A Metrobus Strikes Again

Prince of Petworth posts on the effort/petition to save the Black Rooster. One reader's response:  "i LOVE the black rooster. if the peace corps really closes it down…i just…i might just not go to happy hour anymore, ever, anywhere. and that would make me terribly sad. save the rooster!"
Penn Quarter Living debuts a new column [...]

Paying For Fenty’s Frat Party: Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"Jack Evans Says He Still Supports Peter Nickles," "Councilmember Alexander Raises Concerns Over AG Nickles."
Morning all. Last night may have been National Night Out but [...]

Mystery Shooting In Columbia Heights: Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"Pershing Park Case: Now It's All About The Coverup; Nickles Faces Huge Test In U.S. District Court," and "Councilmember Cheh Calls For Nickles To Resign."
Morning [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Fences Coming Down

Prince of Petworth reports that finally(!) the fences have been removed from Malcolm X Park. Grass is still dry. But you are now free to play soccer or toss a baseball freely. Rejoice.
New Columbia Heights spots a possible illegal bar on Georgia Avenue. Jim Graham is so on this.