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Unobstructed View: Great News—Kirk Cousins Is Awful!

His terrible performance is actually a good thing. It's what the team needed to find out this season.

The Needle: Bear Hug

At the very least, Arlington has a nice bear sculpture.

The Needle: The Members of Congress Among Us

Above the Traffic: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton sent a letter to the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation (USRC) asking it to get a plan together to address traffic congestion in front of Union Station because her office has received complaints "from residents, Members of Congress, congressional staff and bus companies that they are missing trains or having to [...]

The Needle: Get Ready, Millennials!

 The Apocalypse: In case you misplaced your calender, next week is the long-awaited D.C. Millennial Week. Check out the list of events here so you can plan ahead and maximize your schedule to learn all about this mysterious generation. -2
How Bazaar: A D.C. blogger traveled to Istanbul and now wants D.C. clubs to be more like those in Istanbul. [...]

The Needle: D.C.’s Politically Unengaged

The Invisible Voters: All the absentee and provisional votes from the April 1 primary have been counted, and it's official: It had the lowest turnout of any mayoral primary since the beginning of home rule in 1974. -7
Best Buds: Robert Griffin III casually poses for a photo with Jeff Thompson, recently known by his shadow [...]

The Needle: Guest of Honor

Wedding Crasher: Well, the story would have been more fun if he were actually a wedding crasher, but RGIII received a wedding invitation from a fan, and the Pigskins player promptly RSVP'd that he would not be attending  But he did leave a nice note to the couple on the RSVP card and included an autographed [...]

The Needle: Second String Burgers

Security Meat: Big Buns burger joint in Ballston switched the name of its "The RGIII" burger to "The RGIII aka The Kirk Cousins" burger to account for the star quarterback's late-in-the-season sidelining. Harsh. -2
The War Against Yogis: A woman alleges that a theft ring is targeting local yoga studios, threatening serenity across the District. -3

The Needle: Surveillance Blimp Edition

Zeppelin Security: The Army is planning to deploy 74-meter blimps over the District to keep us safe from aerial threat. At 10,000 feet above the ground, the blimps will be able to scan for missiles, drones, and ships—they'll see all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. The good news: No one will be able to [...]

The Needle: Old Maps Edition

Arguing with Idiots: Conservative media host Glenn Beck is usually mad about something. Today, that something was Washington Pigskins quarterback Robert Griffin III's new house. Specifically, Beck thinks it didn't cost enough. For the record, it cost $2.3 million. -2
They'll Fly Away: Yes, American Airlines and US Airways would, if their proposed merger is approved, [...]

The Needle: Delegate RGIII

Pigskins President: Will Pigskins quarterback Robert Griffin III run for office when his football career is over? One Texas lawmaker thinks so. +2
Not So Great White North: Vaguely Nordic Capitol Hill restaurant Suna—its name comes from the Latvian word for moss—announced that it was closing last week. Its demise comes too late, though, to prevent [...]

The Needle: Graham Slam

Ouch: The D.C. Council voted today to reprimand Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, which meant Marion Barry had another opportunity to complain about his 2010 censure. But will Barry ever learn new Councilmember David Grosso's actual name? -2
Change It: Native American golfer Notah Begay says the Pigskins' name is "institutionalized degradation." +3

The Needle: Scared to Death

Played Off: Pigskins team orthopedist James Andrews says he never cleared quarterback Robert Griffin III to go back into yesterday's Seahawks game. Andrews was "scared to death" that Griffin was still playing, according to USA Today. -10 (-5 for Pigskins loss, -5 for RGIII injury)
Mercurial Host: RGIII's success this season had team owner Dan Snyder [...]

District Line Daily: Maybe Next Year

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That game. Taking RGIII out would've been a tough call for Mike Shanahan, but you don't [...]

The Needle: Pinned Down

Gutterball: Georgetown's ANC is opposing a proposed bowling alley in the neighborhood until noise issues are resolved. -3
24/7/Pigskins: 2012 has only been over for three days, but WJLA has already decided to dub it "The Year of RGIII." A 30-minute special about the Pigskins quarterback will air on Friday. +2

The Needle: Bag It

Clean Up: A state legislator in Virginia wants to implement a 5 cent bag tax like the District's. +3
Oh Baby, Yoouuu: The Biz Markie LivingSocial cooking class is tonight. It's sold out, but there's another one next month. +2