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D.C. United Hosting Free Tours to Fill Empty Seats

D.C. United brought in just 13,731 fans to its Oct. 27 season closer. The team finished 2013 with the lowest average season attendance in the club's history. But with just three United wins over 34 games, who could blame fans for staying home? Absent a winning record, the team had to do something to get a [...]

Chatter: Greater Waiter Washington

What you said about what we said last week
Problems with your server? Blame D.C.’s booming dining economy, which has begun to drain the local pool of well-trained restaurant workers. In the comments of last week’s Young & Hungry column, Don Rockwell pondered the troubling ways in which the District’s labor market has responded. “Of course, those [...]

Brokedown Palace: RFK Stadium Is a National Treasure, Cracks and All

When you view Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium from one of its lagoon-like parking lots, it looks like a mod flying saucer parked on the home of the Jetsons. Its curved roof harkens to space-age architecture from the 1960s that would be more at home in Seattle than next to the Anacostia River. As you [...]

The Needle: Wind Us Up One More Time Edition

Chuck Brown Goes Home: Now that's how you throw a funeral, D.C. Thousands of fans packed the Walter E. Washington Convention Center to celebrate the life of Chuck Brown, the Godfather of Go-Go, with music, stories, prayer, and laughs. There were some politicians there making political speeches—in which the city was promised not just a [...]

The Needle: Winning Edition

You're Not From Here: The District has a reputation for being a pretty transient city, what with national political types coming and going every two years. The Census Bureau just crunched the numbers, and it turns out that reputation is mostly deserved: Only 37.3 percent of D.C. residents were born here, the third-lowest percentage in [...]

Dan Snyder Not on RFK Gala Guest List

The highlight of RFK Stadium's season-long 50th Anniversary celebration comes tomorrow night with a dinner at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.
Earlier today, Events DC, the quasi-governmental body that which now operates the stadium and is putting on the anniversary shindig, released a list of featured guests and expected attendees.
The roster's full of vintage local [...]

What Should Happen to RFK Stadium?

Matthew Yglesias wants more city where RFK Stadium currently stands:
It’s striking to me how unpopular what I think the obvious and roughly correct solution is. The structure should be demolished and the empty land plus the open air parking lots should be sold to builders to build . . . whatever. An urban neighborhood with [...]

The Needle: Headgear Edition

Capital Helmetshare: The rides used by Capital Bikeshare are sturdy and slow as a tank, but that doesn't mean they can't crash—and if they do, your head's just as vulnerable as it would be if you crashed Adrian Fenty's Colnago. So DDOT is giving out helmets to go along with the bikes. Like the bicycles and [...]

Photos: DC Summer Carnival

The Needle: No Tickets Edition

Fenty Goes Tea Party: Good thing for former Mayor Adrian Fenty no one watches Morning Joe—otherwise, most of the goodwill he still had among liberal D.C. voters who backed him last year would have evaporated, when he went on MSNBC to declare he agrees with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's drive to end collective bargaining for [...]

The Needle: Shooting Rampage Edition

Shootings Linked: When someone fired shots at the Pentagon last week, it seemed like a harmless enough incident; no one was hurt, after all. Now comes word the same weapon was used to shoot up the Marine Corps Museum and, possibly, a Marine recruiting center in Chantilly, and suddenly, what seemed like a prank—albeit a [...]

Photo: Outside RFK

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Cheap Seats Daily: A Wistful Look Back at the Dead Balls Era™?

Another milestone along the Road to Ripken™ has been passed: Mark McGwire says he did steroids. The news knocked the "Clay Aiken Says He's Gay!" story off the front page of the We Know Already Gazette.
After spending years in a shamed self-exile, McGwire's confession came as he sniveled through an interview with Bob Costas for [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Win Over Dallas Was ‘Better Than Asbestos Litigation’?

More proof that everybody but Highlights Magazine is writing about the Redskins: Now, even the military/industrial complex is going after Dan Snyder., a website for the forces, ran a story "Redskins Owner Dan Snyder Doesn't Want You to Support the Troops in His Stadium."
The piece takes a photo of a poster taken by FedExField [...]

Analog TV Lives in DC!

Don't throw your rabbit ears away just yet, soccer fans. At least not until the CONCACAF Gold Cup is over.
I watched last night's USA/Honduras match in glorious analog, complete with an old-school non-digital antenna hooked up and pointing skyward.
The match was broadcast live from RFK on WMDO-47, an over-the-air Spanish station that is part of [...]