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Unobstructed View: Don’t Start Believin’ (Yet)

It was a good win for the Pigskins, but ...

Unobstructed View: Great News—Kirk Cousins Is Awful!

His terrible performance is actually a good thing. It's what the team needed to find out this season.

One Man’s Crusade to Bring Peyton Manning Here

Although the Washington Redskins didn’t have the worst record in the NFL this season (thanks, Rams and Colts), after another disappointing season fans and sports pundits are looking for a savior. And what better savior for a team that likes nothing better than to win the offseason than Peyton Manning?
After sitting out the entire 2011 [...]

The Needle: Shots Fired Edition

Armed And Dangerous: The national news media got very excited Friday night, as word broke that there had been some gunshots a few blocks from the White House. Early reports made it sound like the weapon might have been aimed at the executive mansion. But quickly, it became clear that it was just a coincidence; [...]

The Needle: Post Profanity Edition

Occupy Half-Smokes: The District was protest central yesterday, with marches tied to the MLK Jr. Memorial dedication overlapping with the ongoing Occupy D.C. encampments in Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square. Raheem DeVaughn and Cornel West were arrested outside the Supreme Court in one march, against the Citizens United decision that essentially found corporations had a [...]

The Needle: Fight On ‘Til You Have Won, Sons of Washington Edition

Please Remain Terrified: Those warnings about an anniversary bombing yesterday, as the nation marked ten years since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, turned out to be a false alarm, as no attack materialized. But that doesn't mean vigilance can come to an end; authorities say they'll keep on high alert, apparently just in case the [...]

The Needle: Pot Plans Aplenty Edition

You Put Your Weed Application In There: Selling medical marijuana in the District will be risky; applicants have to sign a waiver that seems all but designed to be used as an exhibit by the U.S. Attorney in a future federal narcotics case, after all. But that didn't deter everyone—city officials allowed more than 50 [...]

The Needle: Goodnight Irene Edition

Irene, Goodnight: If you're still thinking about Tuesday's earthquake, your anxieties are hopelessly passé. All the cool kids are now worrying about Hurricane Irene, set to blow by the Delaware coast this weekend on its way to turning New York City into an outtake from a disaster movie, tossing a bunch of rain and wind [...]

The Needle: Ticketron Edition

For Tickets, See Jack: District campaign finance law allows members of the D.C. Council to raise up to $80,000 a year for constituent service funds, outside of their tax-funded office budgets and their campaign accounts. The idea is supposed to be to use these to pay for things like electrical bills or heating costs that [...]

The Needle: Amnesty Edition

No Free Parking: These days, municipal governments need to scramble to find every spare dollar they can. Which is why the District is extending its free research program as part of a parking ticket amnesty—the program, which was set to end today, has already brought in nearly $400,000 from scofflaws taking advantage of the chance [...]

The Needle: Slutwalk Edition

Walk This Way: When a cop in Toronto said young women shouldn't dress "like sluts" if they didn't want to be raped, activists got both mad and even; they launched Slutwalk, a protest/mockery movement, where participants are encouraged to dress like, well, sluts, to send the message that they still have the right not to [...]

Gut Check: What If McNabb Brought the Weight of the World to Skins Camp?

The Great Dan Steinberg is among those who've weighed in on Rex Grossman's current tonnage.
Plainly, Grossman is half the man he was when he took the Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl, plus the man he was when he took the Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl!
He may have been locked out from the team's weight [...]

The Needle: Life In The Fast Lane Edition

Drive Your Cares Away: Suburban living may not be for everyone, but it's supposed to come with a definite advantage over an urban homestead—cheaper rent and/or mortgage payments. Turns out that's not really the case. Transportation costs eat up most of the savings from living farther from downtown, a new study reports. Homes may be [...]

The Needle: 2011 Edition

Yellow Line to the Urinal: Metro has a series of advertising posters up in stations taking thinly veiled potshots at the New York subway, featuring large photos of rats and saying that unlike "some" subway systems, D.C.'s doesn't have lots of vermin because our system is nice and clean. But if WMATA officials have plans [...]

The Needle: No Snow For You Edition

Nomageddon: The East Coast is virtually paralyzed today, crippled by snow from Boston to Raleigh, N.C. Except here in the District, where we got the cold and the wind that accompanied all the snow, but nothing else. Since we're willing to bet a high percentage of people in the region have new snow shovels this [...]