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October: The Month In Photos

Pot Shop 101: How Much to Start Up a D.C. Marijuana Dispensary?

Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn and wife Stephanie Kahn have a simple plan for bankrolling their controversial proposed medical-marijuana facility on Blair Road NW. "We plan on financing this from our personal life savings," he says.
How much are we talking? Well, that's a bit, um, hazy at the moment.
The biggest expense will likely be the price of the herbal remedy itself, [...]

‘Thank you, Steve': Geeks Gather, Protesters Picket at Georgetown’s New Apple Shop

Witness the hoopla surrounding the opening of Georgetown's newfangled Apple store on Friday afternoon. Special correspondent Kim Chi Ha reports rather appropriately via iPhone: "Lol there's like 30 ppl in line already," she texts at 3:33 p.m. "It's hot as fuck out here."

Photos: The Week in Retail

Costco Is Coming to D.C. at Last

Get ready for bulk tube socks, massive packages of toilet paper, and giant tubs of rugelach—Costco is finally coming to D.C.!
At-Large Councilmember Kwame Brown claims that Costco has "finalized an agreement" with developers that would bring a store to Fort Lincoln, according to the Washington Post's Tim Craig. The site is near the intersection of [...]

Unsolved Mystery: How Will Bag Fee Work With Self-Checkout?

The District of Columbia is about a month away from having to pay five cents a pop for its plastic bags, and some details are yet to be worked out.
Such as: What about the self-checkout facilities increasingly populating city supermarkets—how are they going to work with the bag fee? After all, there's no human to [...]

VIDEO: Is Cleveland Park Dead?

Cleveland Park is starting to look like an old steel town. Last week, Starbucks and 7-Eleven closed, adding to a growing list of shuttered shops: a Blockbuster, a Magruder's, a Cold Stone Creamery, etc. WUSA's Bruce Johnson examined the corpse last week wondering why such an elite 'hood had fallen on hard times. Councilmember Mary [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Pho Edition

City Renewed reports that Dupont Circle is getting two green restaurants. Before you get excited, one of them is (another) yogurt shop.
The 42 wonders if it's possible to feel claustrophobic in a wide-open space. The writer experienced serious Cherry Blossom gridlock: "Just looking at the gridlocked car (and baby stroller) traffic around me was enough [...]

No Apple Store for D.C. Anytime Soon

Attention local urban sophisticates! You will not be able to visit an Apple Store in the District of Columbia anytime soon!
That scoop comes courtesy of the underappreciated, under-Webbed Current newspapers, which explained in last week's editions [PDF, see pp. 1 and 19] that plans for the District's first Apple Store are held up in a [...]