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Make a Fuss Over This: Samuelson on Fake Allergies

I have a friend who hates cilantro, which tastes like soap to him. We've learned to cook around his fussiness, which, believe me, is a bitch when making a good salsa. I have another friend who claims to get headaches when eating anything made with non-organic oils. I don't cook for him anymore (only joking, [...]

Olney Not Just for Bagels and Mussels Anymore

Opening a restaurant isn't cheap, particularly in the District where rents and expectations are ridiculously high. Peruvian chef Javier Angeles-Beron, the former executive toque at Latin Concepts, has found one way around the problem: He's opening his new restaurant, Aroma, in Olney. You read right: Olney, as in way the hell out there on Georgia [...]

U.S. Waiter to Visiting Brits: Learn to Leave a Damn Tip!

I hesitate to poke at this hornet's nest, but what the hell. We need the site visitors. A couple of weeks ago, Waiter Rant (a must read, if you never have) posted a letter, ostensibly from a U.S. waiter to the prime minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, bitching about [...]

Erin Connealy Shills for Her Favorite Restaurants

Erin Connealy from Mt. Pleasant was the first to respond to our Shill for Your Favorite Restaurant feature. Erin's obviously a teacher's pet, because she followed directions perfectly, even if she needs to learn how to spell "their." Her PR pitches are unedited.

510 Calories for a Cookie?! posted an article today about New York City's new legislation requiring city restaurants to post calorie counts in the same size and font as the food price.
New Yorkers have been in the throes of sticker shock since this spring when the Big Apple became the first city in the country to implement a law [...]