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The Official Republican Line on D.C.

Last week, you read about the Republican Party platform committee and its extensive efforts to ensure that the District maintains its colonial status vis-a-vis the federal government. But now, with the GOP convention in full swing in Tampa, Fla., you can actually read what the platform itself says about our city. Here's every line in [...]

Metro Bad News Roundup: Service Cuts and Videotaped Fights Edition

The Metro system, once a reliable point of pride for D.C.'s boosters, has had a rough few years: Safety problems, escalator outages, and rising prices have made the subway a regular subject of local griping. At times, it can be hard to keep up with the torrent of unflattering Metro-related scoops. As a public service, [...]

Republicans Want Their Seat on Elections Board

The District's Board of Elections and Ethics (BOEE) may be in trouble. Since the resignation of the board's chairman, Errol Arthur, it may not be able to do its job as elections approach. The board of three has been operating with just two members since 2009. Mayor Adrian Fenty just announced [...]

Repubs Not Pleased With Jim Graham’s ‘Obama Park’ Plan

Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham wants to name a small park at 14th and Girard Streets NW after President Barack Obama. "Barack Hussein Obama," to be precise.
Now comes Bob Kabel, chair of the D.C. Republican Committee, who has a suggestion for Graham: "If you feel the need to name a park in your Ward after [...]

RNC Chair Vote: Steele Within Striking Distance

Republican honchos from across the country are gathered today at the Capital Hilton to pick the next chair of the Republican National Committee. Now usually LL would have no interest in this, except that D.C. native and former Maryland lieutenant governor Michael Steele has mounted a strong bid for the seat.
All three voting members from [...]

Future McCain Won Tonight’s Debate!

According to Radley Balko, the McCain camp aired the above ad an hour or so before McCain told the press that he would be participating in tonight's debate, which leads one to believe that the McCain team knew there was a chance that his "Campaign to Suspend My Campaign" campaign wasn't going to work.
What a [...]