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D.C. Airports Authority Approves Rideshare Presence at Reagan and Dulles

Come November, Uber and Lyft will be more regularly available at an airport near you.

Want a Tattoo? D.C. Might Make You Wait 24 Hours

The District may be giving New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's nanny state a run for its money with its latest tattoo and piercing policies.
The Department of Health posted proposed regulations Friday for tattoos and body piercings in the District. Tucked on page 11 of the 66-page document is a draconian idea (at least in [...]

Still Saying No to Drugs in D.C.

Think the legalization of medical marijuana in D.C. means a new era of permissiveness? Think again. The 30,000-word list of regulations released last week is full of no-nos, ranging from the obvious (District residents only) to the more arcane (no prescriptions from doctors whose role is “limited to or for the primary purpose of the [...]