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The Needle: Mow Power to Him

American Hero: A random man was spotted mowing the lawn outside the Lincoln Memorial, doing what the federal government can't during the shutdown. Unfortunately, Park Police stopped him before he could finish. +5 
Imma Let You Finish : Mayor Vince Gray crashed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's press conference today to try and get Congress to [...]

Post-Racial America (Discont.): Redskins Sign Doughty, Keep Streak of White Safeties Alive!

Breathe easy, white people: The Redskins announced last night that safety Reed Doughty had been re-signed.
Since being taken in the sixth round of the 2006 draft, Doughty's filled a special role in the Skins defense: Token white guy.
Other than at the safety position, white guys don't play defense around here. I've looked it up. Way [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Where’s Dan Snyder? Where’s Dan Snyder’s Crisis PR?

Dan Snyder was in the news a lot while I was on vacation. He's keeping whatever thoughts he has about the Washington Post's series on selling tickets to scalpers and litigation against down-on-their-luck grandmothers to himself.
While some team lawyer nobody ever heard of named David Donovan did radio and print interviews attempting to counter James [...]