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One Question David Grosso Didn’t Answer on Reddit, and One He Did

Ignoring my advice to avoid Reddit users at all costs, D.C. Council at-large candidate David Grosso took to the site to answer questions yesterday, Barack Obama style. And while Grosso's chances in November may have evaporated the moment incumbent opponent Michael Brown made the ballot, the Reddit people seem to like him.
It soon became clear [...]

People Still Scrounging for Late Night Shots Invites in 2012

Years after its tour as D.C's go-to Internet punching bag ended, bro-heavy private social forum LateNightShots is all but forgotten. Until yesterday, when someone on the District's Reddit went looking for an invite.
LNS's politically incorrect—read: alternately racist and sexist—membership repeatedly scandalized bloggers from 2006 to 2008. The site apparently still exists and supplies the simpatico Guest of [...]

A New Reason to Avoid Columbia Heights: Redditors

Ugh, Reddit. The popular social sharing site's users love to talk about their charity work, but they're also prone to trashing rape victims and bringing down servers with their eagerness to share racial stereotypes. Whether you're looking to avoid them or, for some reason, congregate with them, Columbia Heights is the place to focus on, [...]