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Council Stops Red Top Meter Enforcement

Perhaps in an attempt to blunt the backlash against red-top meters, DDOT posted a release to its site today announcing that its slow rollout and tepid enforcement would be extended through May 1.
But that appears to be too little, too late for the D.C. Council, which voted this afternoon to halt the enforcement of meters that [...]

Bowser Wants To Kill Red Top Meters

Not so fast there, DDOT. Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser wants to pull the plug on the red top meter program that eliminates free parking for disabled drivers and lets parking enforcement officers ticket drivers who don't move their cars. Mike DeBonis reports in the Post:
"Nobody really quite understands how this came to be or [...]

More Disabled Parking Meters On Their Way

After a brief pilot period where DDOT installed 400 red top parking meters for handicapped drivers, there are now plans to install an additional 1,100 between now and April 17. By that time, about nine percent of metered spaces in the District will be reserved for disabled drivers, and they'll be expected to pay for [...]