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The Friday Limerick Review

Like you, I was flummoxed to learn
Our leader! A signal-less turn!
The man is a menace
When late for his tennis
The match is a bigger concern
At sixteen you can't drink a Bud
(You'd just hit the ground with a thud)
The Red Cross is low
On stocks of type O
So maybe soon teens can give blood
A lot like a snowball [...]

Columbia Heights Fire Displaces 75; “All My Things There—Trashed”

Columbia Heights resident Oscar Echeverria got a rude wake-up call around 3:45 this morning: a fire burning in the corner of his apartment. Echeverria only had time to grab his computer and wake some neighbors before fleeing the building at 1514 Newton St. NW.
"All my things there—trashed," Echeverria said, standing across the street from the [...]