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Morning Roundup: Rate Inflation All Over The Place (Almost)

Metro's Board of Directors today is expected to approve a record 15-percent fare hike – "the largest increase in the transit agency’s history," WJLA-TV reports:
For riders, the plan would mean a jump in rail fares to a $1.90 minimum during peak times, and a 20-percent hike for Metrobus trips, to $1.50. The peak-of-the-peak fare hike [...]

Are Organized Snowball Fights The New Kickball?

Throughout the day, just about every other blog seems to have tweeted, hyped and/or wasted tons of time providing a roundup of tomorrow's organized snowball fights. Even WCP. Now WaPo has gotten into the act with its own roundup. Just weeks ago, the snowball fight seemed so innocent. If there's one more storm, I bet [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Bring Mike Leach to Redskins Park (Cont.)?

John Feinstein doesn't like the way the Redskins complied with the NFL mandate to interview minority candidates before hiring a coach. Feinstein doesn't believe that Dan Snyder ever really thought Jerry Gray, a black defensive coach who reportedly has interviewed for Jim Zorn's job while Zorn still has it, could be a head coach for [...]

Another Reason To Hate Red Bull

Its sugar content. Frat boys. The idea of legal, liquid crack. The way it turns your vomit a candy-apple color. Here's another reason to hate Red Bull. I just saw a grown man try to buy Red Bull with food stamps. The 7-11 clerk had to turn him away. Sigh.
*photo courtesy of energy drink guru.

Photo: 2100 Block of 14th Street NW, June 21

From the series: Go Skate Day