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The Needle: Electric Boogaloo Edition

Power to the People: Wednesday night's snowstorm took out electricity to so many Pepco customers that the utility's outage maps weren't even working most of the day today. Turns out there may be a good reason why: Pepco didn't request extra help keeping power on until hours after most other area companies had done so. [...]

The Price of Networking: Free Botox

This is rich. If you're among the first 50 people to bring a "pink slip" or some other document that explains you were recently shitcanned, plus a resume, to a plastic surgery clinic in Pentagon Row this Friday, a licensed technician there will give you shots of Botox. Why?
"A study published in the journal of [...]

When Facebook Goes Wrong

A crusty newspaper editor, let's say he's in his late 50s, is forced to take a buyout. Faced with some time on his hands, he gets on Facebook to a) post photos of his small, blond granddaughter and b) network to find a job. A first cousin, close to him in age, friends him and [...]

Recession Wigs 75 Percent Off

After 35 years, Masters Tuxedo and Costumes on Columbia Pike in Annandale is closing shop. Until the end of this month, wigs, costumes, mascots, and other whackiness are going out the door for 75 percent off their original costs.
Although a touch picked over, there are still choice items to be had and tried on until [...]

Bernanke: Economic Contraction “Severe”; Markets Up

Washington Post biz reporter Frank Ahrens these days is Twittering the stock market, which has got to be a simultaneously exciting and baffling assignment. I've been watching the markets on and off for many years now, and each time I read a sum-up of the markets' "logic," I affix my hands to the sides of [...]

The Recession Will Punish Absurdity

(200 block of West Glebe Road, Alexandria, Dec. 1)

But Their Profits are Up!

During the Great Depression, the only two things people could seem to afford were bootleg liquor and Busby Berkley musicals, as both industries saw a rise in sales while the economy plummeted. But did the profits have anything to do with the depression?
The media have been making causal jumps between the economic downturn and the [...]