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Reason: What Are All These Rich White People Doing on Bikeshare?

What's up with conservatives and Capital Bikeshare this summer? First a Washington Times columnist exposed their metrosexual, dress-wearing ways, and now, the libertarians at Reason are wondering why Bikeshare's getting government money when its users are better educated and more likely to be employed than the average Washingtonian.
In a video about the program, MTV VJ-turned-Reason-contributor Kennedy wants to know [...]

Carrie Prejean and the “Tolerance Means Being Nice” Myth

I twittered a nasty comment yesterday about Carrie Prejean, the Miss California contestant who voiced her opposition to gay marriage during the competition's round of Q&A, and who, in the media circus that followed, was discovered to have posed partially nude for an underwear catalogue when she was 17 years old (this was before she [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Washington Times “Owns” Chas Freeman Story

Good morning, City Desk readers. The one and only Ted Scheinman is chilling in the tropics this week, and yours truly has been tasked with turning regular Wednesday roundup into WTF?! Wednesday roundup. How about this weather, huh? Huh? The boss (as in, my boss) knows what I'm talking about. News and commentary about Phish, [...]

Dave Weigel Leaves Reason Magazine

I heard early in November–and then confirmed–that Dave Weigel was leaving Reason, but for reasons you'll see in my huge disclaimer, I respected Weigel's request that I keep it on the DL until he announced it himself. From his blog:

Fuego/Frio: Erik Wemple Talks!

In which Erik chastises the Dupont Current for its misleading real estate section and rewards the InTowner for—get this—their snappy headlines!
Quote of the week: "That's as succinct as they've been in ten years!" Scary part is, that's probably true.
Meanwhile, the good folks at Reason front a totally unreasonable headline. Erik's flip-out, and Riggs' [...]