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Morning Roundup: Real Talk Edition

"I love how it's young but at the same time intellectual," he says. "You can walk down the street and you meet 10 different people and everyone has their own cause and purpose." —Mike Manning of The Real World: D.C., quoted in Dan Zak's piece on the show's house.
Isn't it amazing how someone can [...]

The Weekest Links: ‘American Apparel Meets Real World D.C.’ Edition

A Friday extravaganza, in which we present our top blog posts from the past week.

Gay T-Shirts In Windows A Problem For American Apparel
Real World D.C. House [Possibly] Identified
American Apparel Windows Will Stay Gay
Playing the Feud™ — Celebrity Edition!
Library Conference Secret Twitter Proves Librarians Sexy, Stern
Can’t Feminists and Anti-Misandrists Just Get Along?
Capital Fringe Fest 2009: Our [...]

Watch: Real World DC Debated

Real World DC is not getting such a great welcome. The recent problems with Real World security guards and camera crews even made the NY Post. So when are we going to be sick of all the coverage of the coverage? Housing Complex has the complete video roundup.

Get the latest on the Real World in [...]

Real World D.C. Cast Arriving Now! Really?

DCist is reporting that the Real World DC cast may be arriving right friggin now. Has anybody been this excited by the arrival of more d-bags into D.C.? DCist writes:
"A tipster just texted that the D.C. Real World cast appears to be arriving as we speak — she reports seeing a blonde girl with a [...]

Real World DC Blog Launches In Support Of Real World DC

Nothing has stirred up the blogosphere like Real World DC. There's been the fighting over who got the scoop over nailing down the location of the Real World house, the inevitable anti-Real World D.C. blog, and the inevitable house porn from inside 2000 S Street NW.  Now things are heating up with the inevitable launching [...]

Dupont ANC to Dig In on Real World House

The pending chaos at 2000 S St. NW is on the agenda for tomorrow's ANC2B meeting at the JCC (16th and Q streets). Among topics up for discussion: How MTV's washed-up reality show (really: Is there supposed to be life after Puck?) will reduce parking in front of the building from 12 spots to four. [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Real World D.C. Edition

The Anti-Real World DC blog is gonna have to do better than this post:
"Deja vu? More like deja poo. See, I've already lived in a city that had a Real World house. I've already had to deal with reengineering my social life around 7 douchebags who fail to represent anything more than [...]

Real World D.C. House Identified

Kudos to Borderstan who appears to have scooped every blogger on the central issue of our time. Borderstan has found the location of the Real World D.C. house—2000 S Street NW. We can only add to their scoop with our own reporting!
According to D.C. government documents, the property is valued at $5.69 million (that's the [...]