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D.C. Real Estate Tangled Up in Baltimore Pot Bust

In 2006, robbers in Baltimore hit an illicit, big-money poker game and came away with $23,827, including $900 from Baltimore developer Jeremy Landsman. At the time, Landsman insisted to the Baltimore City Paper he wasn't playing for money.
“Everybody knows gambling is illegal,” he told the paper. “And I don’t want to do anything illegal.”
Well, maybe [...]

Americans Like Smart Growth, In Theory At Least

Urbanists are making inroads! Sort of. A new survey from the National Association of Realtors discovers what a lot of us already knew: Even though smart growth is gaining popularity, people want to live where they already live. But there's good news; when presented with two hypothetical communities—one sprawling and one smart—people tend to go [...]

The Needle: Wilson Edition

Stealing Home: Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos is one of the team's up and coming stars. Which may be why Venezuelan gunmen took him from his home near Caracas last night; if you can't ransom a millionaire baseball player for a hefty sum, who can you kidnap? Fortunately, authorities in Venezuela say they believe Ramos [...]

Is There Still Room For Seniors at the New 15th and U?

Troy Johnson has mixed feelings about his balcony. His 10th-floor perch affords him scenic views of his Northwest D.C. neighborhood. But maybe too scenic. “Look up and down U Street,” he says, “It’s a gold mine up there.”
Johnson, 75, a retired Service Employees International Union organizer, lives in the Campbell Heights [...]

Abe Pollin Dies at 85

Abe Pollin—real estate developer, philanthropist, and owner of the Washington Wizards and other sports teams—has died at 85.
Pollin today is remembered most fondly as a sports team owner—the man who bought the Baltimore Bullets to Washington and renamed them Wizards, brought NHL hockey to the city, women's pro basketball, and other sporting endeavors.
He presided over [...]

Deputy Mayor Not Happy With Council Budget Moves

Neil O. Albert, outgoing deputy mayor for planning and economic development, is not happy with some of the D.C. Council's budget proposals. He dispatched a letter [PDF] today to councilmembers taking issue with several proposals contained in budget legislation scheduled for a second and final vote on Tuesday.
Two of the issues involve the fates of [...]

Our Morning Roundup: D.C. Gets Not Just Real Housewives, But Real Worlders

Good morning City Desk readers, and welcome to an especially vapid installment of Freedom Friday. A few weeks back, yours truly ran into a friend of a friend while picking up some necessities at the CVS on 14th St. in Columbia Heights. Said friend was printing out headshots for his Real World tryout. Yet at [...]

Mystery Angry Person In Shepherd Park!

Keeping a decent neighborhood listserv going means posting a lot about lost dogs, reporting on gunshots, and cranky neighbors dropping weird racial stereotypes related to crime. All of these will keep the message board well stocked with posts. But few posts beat the mysterious stranger knocking on doors thread that pops up once in a [...]

Nickles’ Dilemma: Rent or Buy?

Now that D.C. Attorney General Peter J. Nickles has been confirmed in his post, he had to find a residence in the District of Columbia. LL intends to follow the house hunt aggressively, and he caught up with Nickles yesterday to see how it was going.
"Going great," he says.
Seems Nickles is closely monitoring developments in [...]

Dos Gringos’ Business Is Down 20 Percent

So the Post reports in the latest Paul Schwartzman development piece. Is anyone else surprised that the coffee shop has survived this long? I never see anyone in the shop during the week. Only on the weekend is it packed with customers either waiting in line for bad coffee or sitting at tables waiting for [...]

Our Morning Roundup

* Headline of Politico's VP debate preview makes me giggle. Plus: We watch for the crashes:
With all their potential for pitfalls and insta-classic moments, the pair has made the build up to the showdown, to take place here Thursday night at Washington University, feel more like a NASCAR race than a serious political forum: the [...]