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GW Hatchet Cuts Back to Printing Once a Week

The GW Hatchet, George Washington University's independent student newspaper, announced today it will scale back from a twice-a-week publication to a weekly.
In a blog post,  editor Cory Weinberg cited declining advertising revenue and increased online readership for reasons behind the decision. The paper will now come out every Monday. "This move will enable the paper’s faster [...]

The Needle: Mayor Wells?

Livable, Walkable, Electable: With Councilmember Tommy Wells officially entering the mayor's race on Saturday, the 2014 field will double in size to two. +2
Pricey Homes: District real estate prices continue to rise. -2

Washington Post Polls Employees on New Office Location, Exercise Habits

Washington Post publisher Katharine Weymouth is looking for a "cheap" building to move her paper, but apparently price isn't the only thing she's considering. In a survey emailed today, the Post polled its employees about their work habits to help decide on a new office location.
"We are in the process of considering various locations for [...]

Windowless, $2,300 Apartments “Going Very Quickly”

In February, news broke that the roller rink above the Adams Morgan Harris Teeter was being turned into apartments. Eight of the apartments at the center of the former rink wouldn't have windows, getting light instead through a skylight. It looked like D.C. apartment mania had finally met its match: Who would pay thousands of [...]

Donald Trump Talks D.C. Hotels, Washington Post, Hair

Donald Trump has big plans for the Old Post Office. Huge.
"This can really be one of the great hotels of the world," Trump said this morning during a real estate panel with daughter Ivanka Trump. But the Trump take on the Old Post Office won't merely be great. At different points during the hour-long talk [...]

Mark Bisnow, of Bisnow Fame, Steps Down as CEO

What does a media company do when the guy that it's named after isn't running the show anymore? The business newsletter writers/event organizers at Washington's Bisnow are about to find out, with CEO and co-founder Mark Bisnow announcing in an email to employees today that he's stepping down from the top spot.
"I will be assuming [...]

The Needle: Altitude Attitude

A Cut Above: The five-story rowhouse construction at 11th and V NW is a fitting tribute to D.C. real estate prices. +3
Get Paid: Maryland's jobless rate is down, but the District's still sits at 8.6 percent. -2

The Needle: Brood Boys

Brood II: Cicada Boogaloo: The Washington area is about a month away from cicada season. This year, we'll be visited by Brood II—not the biggest batch of cicadas, but not the smallest, either. Cicadas are a tough one for the Needle to judge. On one hand, they're reminiscent of dusk in Washington and hot summer [...]

Real Estate Agent Allegedly Terrorizes NoVa Underwear Drawers

Say what you want about real estate agent and alleged Ballston underwear-rifler Stephen Brumme, but you have to admit that he's very businesslike in his creeping. Just take a look at the above video, shot in a home police say Brumme accessed using his real estate business' swipe card. Brumme pulls out some underwear, evaluates [...]

Marion Barry’s Mayoral House Is Pretty Sweet

Between the Cool "Disco" Dan documentary, the Cool "Disco" Donuts fiasco, and Cindy Adams, the 1980s are back. So why not remember them in style by buying the house Marion Barry lived in during his first three terms as mayor? You can, for just $469,000.
Barry says that the 3607 Suitland Road SE four-bedroom is a [...]

Is This Ridiculous? Apartment Twitter Wall on I Street NE

Washington is a city in flux, with potential new trends appearing every day. Along the way, we encounter things that have the potential to be nice but may also be a bit much, like bike karaoke and shortened neighborhood names.
To clarify complicated feelings on emerging issues, it's time to ask an important question: "Is this ridiculous?"
First [...]

Everybody’s Moving to D.C.

There's a reason D.C. rents are sky-high and applying for a group house is starting to feel like applying to college: Lots of people are moving here. D.C. beat out every U.S. state for most inbound moving trips as compared to overall moves in 2012, at least according to new data from a van company.
Sixty-three [...]

Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle Losing Out to Other Neighborhoods, Analyst Says

In the D.C. metro area scramble for offices, restaurants, and retail, some established neighborhoods are falling behind newly-gentrifying upstarts. According to the Washington Post, real estate scholar Christopher B. Leinberger thinks that Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan are poorly poised to take advantage of development, while H Street and NoMa show potential.
“Adams Morgan needs to [...]

D.C. Real Estate Tangled Up in Baltimore Pot Bust

In 2006, robbers in Baltimore hit an illicit, big-money poker game and came away with $23,827, including $900 from Baltimore developer Jeremy Landsman. At the time, Landsman insisted to the Baltimore City Paper he wasn't playing for money.
“Everybody knows gambling is illegal,” he told the paper. “And I don’t want to do anything illegal.”
Well, maybe [...]

Americans Like Smart Growth, In Theory At Least

Urbanists are making inroads! Sort of. A new survey from the National Association of Realtors discovers what a lot of us already knew: Even though smart growth is gaining popularity, people want to live where they already live. But there's good news; when presented with two hypothetical communities—one sprawling and one smart—people tend to go [...]