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The Needle: Van Go

Van Go: WMATA unveils some classy new commemorative Van Gogh Metro cards. +2
Oh, Canada: A Canadian newspaper took a stab at rounding up D.C.'s 10 best restaurants, and it's a pretty eclectic mix. [h/t Eater D.C.] +1

The Needle: Orange’s Juice

Rat Spat: The Post reports that the Board of Ethics and Government is launching an inquiry into Councilmember Vincent Orange's role in the health inspection of Sam Wang Produce, which, as we learned today, was in disgusting shape when Orange intervened. While the extent of Orange's intervention in the incident isn't clear yet, it's good [...]

The Needle: The Hamburglar Strikes Edition

Hamburglars: The burgers at Ray's Hell Burger are very tasty, as even Russian President Dmitry Medvedev knows. Apparently some local crooks were more interested in the place for the cash than for the ground-up trimmings from Ray's the Steaks; a trio of armed robbers struck on Thursday, taking money after barging in brandishing a gun. [...]

Ray’s Hell Burger Sees Obama Bump

From WeLoveDC's twitter: "Wow. It's 11:50, and there are 32 people in line *outside* Rays Hell Burger. Not even noon yet!" Thank you Obama.
It's been established that wherever Obama goes, the tour buses and locals will follow, temporarily ruining eating for everyone who doesn't like to wait in long lines for half smokes or [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Potentates Like Their Beef

*The President and Vice President supped at Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington yesterday. According to the Post, they went dutch.
*THIS WEEK IN CAL THOMAS: The Washington Times commemorates the 30th anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's election as Prime Minister with a fawning piece whose best moment is its opening anecdote:
The newly elected Mrs. Thatcher takes her [...]