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The Needle: Annandale Mafia

Thunder Rolls: Han Sa "Thunder" Yu, the 44-year-old leader of a gang of Annandale extortionists that went by the extraordinary name Korean Night Breeders, was sentenced to 17 1/2 years in prison last week after pleading guilty. +3
Colonel Blimp: Two defense blimps, worth a combined $450 million, could launch around D.C. as soon as late [...]

Local Woman No Longer in Steelers Country, Receives Ransom Call for Stolen Banners

Cleveland Park isn't a neighborhood smacking of huge displays of sports fandom. But Libby Kavoulakis, 45, is a lifelong, season-ticket-holding Steelers fan. And besides, she says, "we're world champions." So she put up two banners, one on her garage and another, larger one across the second story of her house on Reno Road at Warren [...]