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District Driving in the Post-Snowpocalypse: For the Love of God, Please Learn to Helm Your Sport Utility Vehicle!

Here's the thing with automatic transmission in America: People get lulled into the notion that driving all cars is pretty much the same. Here's the other thing: In the snow, that notion flies out the window. Cars that have a lot of power and—hey!—ballast shouldn't be the ones fishtailing in and out of snowbanks. This [...]

Total Bummer: Shakespeare Free For All Moves Inside

An e-mail alert went out yesterday to previous attendees of the Shakespeare Theatre Company's Free For All that it's still on, but it's now on inside and in Penn Quarter at the newish Sidney Harman Hall. That means no more pre-show picnics on the grounds of Carter Barron (the National Building Museum is opening its [...]

Mystery Angry Person In Shepherd Park!

Keeping a decent neighborhood listserv going means posting a lot about lost dogs, reporting on gunshots, and cranky neighbors dropping weird racial stereotypes related to crime. All of these will keep the message board well stocked with posts. But few posts beat the mysterious stranger knocking on doors thread that pops up once in a [...]

Get Over Bike Lanes Already

Oh heavens! Someone is blocking the bike lane in front of me! Quick! Let me take a photo and blog it!
Seriously, fellow cyclists, you know why people think we're weenies?
1) The clothes. For Pete's sake, yellow lycra?
2) The incessant whining.
Look, "Share the Road" goes both ways. I don't like whooshing into traffic to avoid a [...]