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The Needle: Push It Real Good

Keep On Pushing: A new app called Push for Pizza launched recently, possibly as part of a test of just how easily people's dopey ideas can get other people to give them money if they involve smartphones (the answer: very, very easily). Using the app here in the District requires just one extra step that isn't needed in the [...]

Kentucky Paper Slams Rep. Massie and Sen. Paul for Interfering with D.C. Gun Laws

It's no surprise that D.C. residents aren't fans of Republican Rep. Thomas Massie and Sen. Rand Paul meddling with local D.C. laws. But the two aren't getting much love from a home state newspaper, either.
Louisville's Courier-Journal's editorial board published a piece Thursday slamming their representatives for introducing amendments in their respective chambers that would gut D.C.'s gun laws. The piece points [...]

The Pyramid of Congressional Mischief

It’s been quite a summer for the District’s congressional overlords. Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) wants to nip the District’s marijuana decriminalization law in the bud, while Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) both want to eliminate the District’s gun laws.
But with so many meddling members of Congress, it can be hard to [...]

Another Congressman Tried to Mess With D.C. Gun Laws on the House Floor

The District has had a rough couple of weeks trying to rebuff attempts by officials from outside the District trying to screw with happenings inside the District. There's Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland, who wants to block funding for D.C.'s marijuana decriminalization law. And then Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who wants to gut the city's strict gun laws.
Last night on [...]

District Line Daily: Just Shoot Us

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D.C. nabbed Pierre Bagley from Hollywood. It's a long shot, but can he bring Hollywood to D.C? [...]

Hey Rand Paul, D.C. Would Only Have the Nation’s Highest Murder Rate If It Were a State

The unrepresented people of D.C. have a new member of Congress who's interested in running our local government: Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky introduced an amendment Tuesday that would  repeal D.C.'s current semiautomatic handgun ban and gun registration requirements. The amendment was tacked on to the Senate's bipartisan Sportsmen Act, which, in part, would ease hunting and fishing [...]

The Needle: Extension Granted

In the Nick of Time: President Barack Obama signed up for health insurance on the D.C. health exchange this weekend. Luckily for anyone who might have missed tonight's midnight deadline, the White House extended the enrollment deadline by a day. +5
Meta Tapas: Jose Andres is now a chef adviser to a tapas-themed art and artifact [...]

Sen. Rand Paul Celebrates Festivus, Complains About D.C. Parking

In the great spirit of Festivus—the mock Dec. 23 holiday made famous on Seinfeld—Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky aired his long list of grievances on Twitter this morning.
He touched on the shoddy appearance of bipartisanship in the Senate, and took a seemingly more counterintuitive jab at Hill fashion.
Grievance with my otherwise wonderful staff: leave [...]

Rand Paul Lectures Howard Students on Black History

Visiting Howard University Wednesday morning, Sen. Rand Paul spent half an hour making a pitch for why African Americans should consider voting Republican. It might have been more effective, however, if the Kentucky Republican hadn't spent most of his time lecturing on the history of civil rights to the students of one of the nation's [...]

Eric Holder Isn’t the Only One Saying No

In certain corners of the Internet, a written response from Attorney General Eric Holder to Sen. Rand Paul—following the Kentucky Republican's filibuster last night over concerns related to the Obama administration's drone-warfare program—has already become a classic of the political-memo genre. However, Holder's letter is eerily similar to a number of missives recently obtained by Washington [...]

The Needle: Myopic Little Twits Edition

Myopia Spreads: Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy apparently couldn't beat Twitter; he's decided to join it, instead. The Post has Milloy and other writers taking social media training classes, and the man who coined the phrase "myopic little twits" will become one, himself, next month. Milloy says he may use the handle @gigabyteme, but alas, [...]