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D.C.’s Blizzard Coverage Looked Very White on Local News Sites

I’m pretty sure people were digging out their cars in Fort Totten.

Georgetown Students Call for Change to Building Named After Slave-Selling Jesuit Priest

Hoyas take on a troubling piece of school history.

Death Threat Made Against Howard University Students

In an email to students, Howard's president said the university is "aware of the threat."

Here Are The D.C. High Schools Where Students Aren’t College-Ready

The achievement gap can be seen throughout D.C.

Lawsuit: Howard University Exec Used N-Word to Grade Employees

Howard University is already dealing with a budget crunch and rowdy sorority girls. But now, according to a discrimination lawsuit, it could have a new problem: an unusual way of measuring employees' performance. Howard's former top human resources official allegedly had a strange phrase to describe top workers: "H.N.I.C.," or "Head Nigger in Charge."
Jeannette Frett, [...]

Metro Police Investigating “N” Word Fight, No Charges Yet

Video of the Green Line fight precipitated by a white passenger using the "n" word is sweeping the local Internet. Now news breaks, via Metro statement, that the transit agency is investigating the altercation.
The racial slur-dropping passenger is a 62-year-old from Brandywine, Md., according to the Metro statement. According to Metro, the fight occurred just [...]

Video: White Guy Beaten on Metro After Saying N-Word

A white passenger on Metro's Green Line purportedly dropped the n-word recently to terrible results, according to a new YouTube video posted on the Unsuck D.C. Metro Facebook page.
For his part, the agitated white passenger claims in the footage that another passenger called him a "faggot." But the white passenger's racial slur escalated the situation, [...]

Milloy: Men Ought To Be Involved In Race And Gender Debate

Last week when I wrote about Courtland Milloy's latest columns on gender, race, and why white women are so angry, I wondered about what got Milloy going on the topic. As I noted, the argument about where the interests of white women and women of color align (and part ways) has been going on for [...]

On Byline Parity At Washington City Paper

This week VIDA, an organization promoting women writers, released its 2011 count of bylines by gender in major magazines. Yep, it's as simple as that: They count to see how many women were published in the country's top magazines. And then they further break down the count by category—book reviews, articles, poetry, essays.
As you can [...]

Gentrification By Another Name

Though I don't have an answer to the question Elahe Izadi poses in her DCentric post about whether gentrification by non-whites should have a different name, I do think it's worth connecting with a story the Post ran today about their black women in America poll. Elahe writes:
What’s your take: what does gentrification by non-whites [...]

Study: Segregation Is Dead, Except In D.C.

The conservative Manhattan Institute has a study out that describes the "end of the segregated century." A lot of stats aren't a surprise: There are very few all-white neighborhoods left in the U.S., cities are more integrated than they've been in 100 years, and gentrification and immigration have reduced segregation in cities, but not as [...]

Today in D.C. History: Interracial Couple’s Marriage in the District Sparks Judicial Battle

On June 12, 1958, a marriage consecrated in the District paved the way for one of the most important rulings on marriage, Loving v. Virginia, to be handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court. Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving were married in D.C. and arrested upon their return home to Virginia's Caroline County. The grounds [...]

Vanilla City?

Word out of the U.S. Census Bureau today was that "metropolitan areas"—read, cities and their suburbs—are growing much faster than rural America. Which puts D.C. right in line with one national trend. But the nation's white population barely grew—which makes the District an outlier.
Census officials say 83.7 of the population now lives in metropolitan areas, [...]

The End of Black Men?

According to a recent report from the Schott Foundation for Public Education, the District continues to do a lousy job of educating black male students. Still, there are signs of racial progress—it's also not doing so well educating white male students.
Graduation rates for both groups dropped for the 2007-2008 school year. The [...]

Did Marion Barry Compare Michelle Rhee to Saddam Hussein?

LL was doing some multitasking on Monday evening, listening to a D.C. Public Schools oversight hearing with one ear while finishing up some other work. Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry, on the dais that night, started into one of his usual tirades about Chancellor Michelle Rhee, and LL's ears perked up when he started on [...]