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The Needle: Raccoons in Alleyways Edition

That's a Lot of Green: Oh no! It would seem that the District government is going to have to deploy a bunch of new street signs—and spend a lot of money—to meet new federal standards on sign readability by 2015. A no all-caps signage future looms on the horizon! -3
Not the Raccoons! Wow, there have [...]

The Needle: Farewell to Kurtz Edition

Say It Ain't So, Howie: A Monday without the Washington Post Style section delivering a mild scolding from Howard Kurtz to some media organization for violating his keenly honed sense of ethics is like a day without finding something irritating to read in the morning paper over breakfast. (What, you thought we were going to [...]

D.C. Health Department Seeks Man Who Carried Around Rabid Raccoon

The D.C. Department of Health is worried about a man who picked up a raccoon on March 18. The encounter has prompted the distribution of a strangely worded flier, which comes to us via Prince of Petworth.

Raccoons Invade White House, Local Trapper Offers Free Service

Tim McDowell, made quasi-famous by our cover story "Rabies R Us," got wind of the Obamas' little raccoon problem at the White House and says, repeatedly, he will head on over there and collect the critters, free of charge.
McDowell, owner and operator of AB & BE Animal Bat & Bird Extractors—"Solving Human-Animal Conflicts"—is fired up [...]