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“It’s Hard to Stand There When It’s 110 Degrees and You’re in Your Full Blues”

History lesson: The Marine Barracks, founded in 1801—and situated in Capitol Hill's burgeoning Barracks Row nightlife district—is the oldest active post in the Corps. Sgt. Katie Maynard, the Marine Barracks Washington liaison to the Military District of Washington, coordinates MBW events (color guards, funerals, joint ceremonial functions and state funerals), and is a ceremonial drill [...]

Q-and-A with a DC Rollergirl

Last Saturday was the home season opener for the DC Rollergirls, the eight-year-old flat-track derby league that plays to the happy, dulcet shouts of “Don’t be a douche” and “Suck on it, sister.” The event was kicked off by Mayor Vince Gray, who primed the crowd by declaring that “the D.C. government is not shutting [...]