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Meet the People Who Piss in My Alley on the Way to ShamrockFest

Ah, ShamrockFest, where legions of young people celebrate the full sweep and majesty of Irish culture by getting drunk in a parking lot. Every year, they come in droves to RFK Stadium, presumably leaving large swaths of Northern Virginia unoccupied. And a significant portion must spend the morning pregaming, for when they exit the Stadium-Armory [...]

City Paper Uses Craigslist, House Blog as Reportorial Tools;
Or: Does anyone have a good anecdote about public urination?

With the Washington Post now soliciting sources via Craigslist, we'd hate to be late to the party.
With this in mind, and in the spirit of UGC, I'm putting out a call for factoids/tirades/anecdotes relating to public urination in and around the District.
Ever been arrested? Ever spotted for a friend? Ever ratted someone out? [...]