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Whitman-Walker Health to Hold World AIDS Day Candlelight Vigil Tonight

HIV diagnoses are trending down in D.C.

Report: D.C. Youth Arrests at Lowest Level in a Decade

“When we focus wrongly on young people, it distracts us from real solutions to crime.”

Swine Flu Hits University of Maryland: Will Students Really Wipe Down Doorknobs?

"Nothing's slower than a sick turtle," reads an anti-swine flu advert at the University of Maryland, reminding student Terps to practice proper coughing-and-sneezing etiquette and to wash their hands often.
Still, as of yesterday, there were 172 suspected cases of H1N1 at the university, according to the Associated Press. And the health center has canceled all [...]

Eww, Gross! Most Fast Food Workers Don’t Wash Hands, Feds Says

In a city like Washington with so many workaholics counting on fast food joints for sustenance, this story has maximum gross out potential: Despite those pervasive bathroom signs directing employees to wash up after using the loo, more than half of all fast-food industry workers don’t bother, according to a new study by the Federal Drug [...]