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Gray Wants Reinbursement For Occupy Spending

Mayor Vince Gray wants the feds to reimburse the District for spending on the Occupy D.C. protesters—according to the Examiner, he says the local government has spent $1.6 million on services:
"While we have a budget for protests, we don't have this kind of money," Gray told NewsChannel 8.
[Gray spokeswoman Doxie] McCoy said asking the federal government for [...]

Of Cops and Cats

So yesterday's post on the kitten-petting riot cop in Oakland exploded in a way that I certainly didn't expect—we got links from sites like The Huffington Post, Boing Boing, Wonkette, The Daily What, Yahoo News, and countless tweets. But most importantly, the Post responded to the outpouring with an explanation from photo editor Carol McKaye for why [...]

Photos: Smithsonian Protest

Police Clash With Protesters Outside Pepco Building

During the lunch hour today, protesters gathered outside the Pepco Building chanting for clean energy policies. Tensions between the protesters and D.C. Police intensified with individuals entered the building. Chants inevitably turned to the classic "fuck you pigs!"
*Video by Ryan J. Reilly.

Tonight: Anti-Banker Caroling!

Looking for some holiday cheer tonight? More to the point: Are you looking for some populist holiday cheer tonight?
Then you might join a group of carolers tonight gathering at 7 p.m. outside the Bank of America branch at 1501 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, right across from the Treasury building. Instead of "Feliz Navidad," they'll be singing [...]

Tea Baggers Can’t Tea Bag Lafayette Square

The Washington Post is reporting that the now infamous anti-tax, anti-Obama crazy tea-baggers were turned away this morning by officials. Their protest at Lafayette Square and the dumping of a million tea bags had to be scraped. The Post reports:
"There will be no tea-dumping in the Potomac River — that's illegal — but organizers of [...]

UDC Tuition Hikes: Get Over It

Yesterday, students at the University of the District of Columbia marched and camped in at the school's Van Ness campus to protest steep hikes in the school's tuition. Today the Board of Trustees for the University of the District of Columbia is voting on that plan, which would raise tuition for students in four-year programs [...]

Cheh’s Home-Protests Bill on Hold for Now

Turns out Ward 3 Councilmember Mary M. Cheh won't be moving emergency legislation tomorrow to put additional restrictions on residential protests after all.
LL reported Friday, and the Examiner reported today, about Cheh's proposed bill, which aimed to give police the ability to put the kibosh on allegedly hostile protests by a group called Stop Huntingdon [...]

More on Cheh’s Home Protests Bill

LL continues to follow up on Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh's plans to impose new restrictions on protests at private homes in the wake of alleged intimidation by animal-rights protesters.
He just spoke to John Boardman, a leader with Local 25 of UNITE HERE, a union representing hotel and restaurant employees. He and his union's membership [...]

Animal Rights Protests Have Cheh Mulling Restrictions

Remember the noise bill—when the D.C. Council attempted earlier this year to restrict amplified protests held in public space? After months of wrangling, restrictions were passed after being severely diluted thanks to labor community objections.
Now prepare to revisit some similar ground: Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh yesterday informed her colleagues that she intends to introduce [...]

William Ayers Rallies the Anti-Rhee Crowd

William Ayers' appearance last night at All Souls Unitarian Church last night has been well-covered—today's Post has a thorough accounting of Ayers' day in D.C., as does the Wall Street Journal. Neither story, though, mentions the biggest noise the audience made during the evening. When Jeff Smith, executive director of DC Voice and moderator for [...]