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This Week’s Page Three Photo

1800 Block of 7th Street NW, June 17
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Why Do Other Parents Care Where I Send My Kid to School?

A little over a month ago, the Washington Post ran a map of how proposed boundary reforms would adjust various D.C. public schools’ feeder patterns, and my neighborhood erupted. The Petworth Parents email list was suddenly afire with messages from parents trying to kickstart coalitions and campaigns to keep their kids and homes in-boundary for [...]

This Week’s Page Three Photo

1400 Block of I Street NW, June 11
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I Survived Millennial Week

In 2013, Joel Stein wrote “The Me Me Me Generation,” a widely read cover story for Time magazine about millennials, the population of Americans born approximately after 1980 whom he called “lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents” who would, somehow, “save us all.”
Last week, millennials struck back.
I was sitting at the back of [...]

The Consequences of Smoking Pot in D.C. Depend on Where You’re Standing

Unless Congress objects, in July the Marijuana Possession Decriminalization Amendment Act of 2014 will take effect in D.C. But to say that pot will be decriminalized in the District would be an oversimplification. While possession will be reduced to a $25 civil fine, you still won’t be able to walk around with a lit joint. [...]

Four Ways of the Condo

A booming D.C. means more condos, and more condos translate to ever more confounding luxury building names. These run the gamut from the meaninglessly pretentious (think one-syllable club-like monikers) to the dazzlingly tone-deaf (the swagger-jacking Langston Lofts). Whether you’re on the hunt for a swanky condo that screams elitism or one that succinctly conveys your [...]

Who to Vote for (and Who Not to Vote for) in D.C.’s 2014 Democratic Primary

Another election, another set of would-be leaders who mostly seem determined to test just how willing District voters are to keep showing up and voting no matter how lousy their choices are.
What better explanation is there for the field that confronts D.C. Democrats? Four of 13 members of the D.C. Council are seeking the nomination [...]

The Martial Plan: How Student Veterans Adjust to D.C. Colleges

Before TM Gibbons-Neff cracked a textbook at Georgetown, he was patrolling Helmand Province, Afghanistan, where strangers tried to kill him and his friends.
Before Kate Hoit studied creative nonfiction at Johns Hopkins University, she spent a year with Army public affairs in northern Iraq. At a military hospital, she refused to turn a general’s handshake with [...]

One of D.C.’s Best Corner Stores Is in Chevy Chase. Why Don’t Its Residents Support More of Them?

In the back of the Broad Branch Market, tucked behind the bulk dispensers of golden flax seeds (sold out), loose teas (10 varieties, amply stocked), organic muesli (nearly exhausted), and maple almond granola (plentiful), a store employee swirls, sniffs, and swills a plastic cup of sauvignon blanc. She takes notes as the wine distributor standing [...]

God Save the Quinoa: Scheele’s Turns 120 With an Assist From Georgetown Residents

There’s something sacred about the bond between East Georgetown residents and their favorite corner store, and it’s a bond that not even sky-high property values can break.
Scheele’s Market, a quaint grocery at the corner of 29th and Dumbarton streets NW, celebrates its 120th birthday this year. It’s by far the oldest corner store in Georgetown, [...]

Chatter: Tea Time?

A few hours after we published Will Sommer’s cover profile of Busboys and Poets owner and mayoral candidate Andy Shallal (“Busboys and Politics,” Feb. 7), one campaign emailed it to supporters. Sommer quoted Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser calling Shallal “a rich socialist,” and that upset a rival. “I never thought I’d see this in a Democratic election [...]

Buy D.C.: Valentine’s Day

Each week, Buy D.C. will highlight shops and items you can only find in the D.C. area, featuring different goods from different shops all around the city, curated by 94.7 Fresh FM co-host and owner Kelly Collis.

Pucker Up
Cobble together a fantastic cheese plate for a romantic dinner at home. Sour cherry preserves, $8. Righteous Cheese, Union Market [...]

This Week’s Page Three Photo

1400 Block of Irving Street NW, November 26
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This Week’s Page Three Photo

800 Block of 7th Street NE, October 29
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Clothed for Business

The shutdown has been tough on anyone who draws a government paycheck, but it’s a great time to pick up a lightly worn J. Crew collection cropped moto jacket at a fraction of the original price. A string of local consignment shops are enjoying a boost in inventory, thanks to well-heeled furloughed feds who are [...]