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Current Newspapers Soliciting Voluntary Subscriptions to Support Operations

Another chapter in the decline of print journalism

As D.C.’s School Options Improve, Commutes Become More of a Headache

Transportation may not be the number one issue on parents’ minds as they make their choices, but perhaps it should be.

Gear Prudence: Should I Bring My Bike Home for the Holidays?

Marital advice meets bike advice.

Gear Prudence: It’s Dark. How Can I Keep Riding My Bike?

Illumination, illuminated

Underground Economy

Here's what could be under Dupont Circle soon.

Gear Prudence: What’s with the Flip-Flopping Bike Lane Figure?

Plus: I flipped off my bike-hating boss. I'm totally fired, right?

Gear Prudence: What Should I Do When People Hit on Me While I Ride?

Street harassment while biking is still street harassment.

How D.C.’s Plan to Save Low-Income Housing Went Wrong

I thought New Communities would work. I was wrong.

Gear Prudence: What’s a Good Bike-Themed Halloween Costume?

Advice for playing dress-up, without Lycra.

A Tiny House Divided

D.C.'s tiny houses are breaking up.

Gear Prudence: How Can I Avoid Dating Dainty-Legged Dudes?

Love is an uphill climb.


Photos of Nats fans in happier times

D.C. Government: Yes, Workers’ Comp Needs Better Oversight

At a hearing last week, city officials acknowledged some serious problems exposed by earlier City Paper reporting.

Gear Prudence: Can We Talk About Bike Helmets?

Plus: Are earbuds dangerous?

Social Justice Still Drives Howard University

Hundreds of student volunteers arrived on Howard University’s campus a week early to help freshmen move in to their new dorms. They lugged their belongings to their new homes, directed them around campus, and caught up with friends before classes started.
It was the kind of scene that was repeated on university campuses around the country [...]