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The Needle: Royal Welcome

The British are coming!

The Needle: And We’ll Never Be Royals

Union Market finally gets a Capital Bikeshare station.

The Needle: Baron Carrickfergus Edition

Legislators As Landlords: Congress used to content itself with passing laws to dictate what the District government could or couldn't spend its locally raised money on. Now, apparently, that's not enough. Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley says D.C. officials need to do something about the fact that the only licensed gun dealer in the city [...]

The Needle: Buckingham Palace Email Blast Edition

Winning the Wedding: The owner of one of the Washington area's newspapers is going to the royal wedding this week—and no, it's not anyone from The Washington Post. (Or from Washington City Paper, but you already knew that.) Politico (and TBD) mogul Joe Allbritton and his wife Barby made the cut, apparently because—like Queen Elizabeth—they're [...]

The Needle: One Shining Metro Moment Edition

Royal Registry: Planning to crash the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton? Besides packing your white tie and tails and/or Cinderella-esque ball gown, don't forget to make a donation to a D.C.-based charity. PeacePlayers International, a local organization that uses basketball to bring people together in regions with conflicts, is on the list of [...]