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Woman Allegedly Assaulted Inside Petworth Metro Station on Wednesday Evening

"No one asked me one if I was okay."

20 of Our Favorite Things the Prince of Petworth Has Said

“This blog is not meant to be comedy. It is meant to be a window upon my soul. Thus the doors.”

PoPville vs. Media Critic Councilmember

"The trouble with PoPville is that he’s not reporting."

Fact Check: No Dead Body in Front of Columbia Heights Target

A vigilant reader wrote into PoPville today saying he saw a possible dead body in front of the Target in Columbia Heights this morning. The Prince subsequently posted this possible dead body sighting:
Black male 20 to 30 years old, in a black jacket, lying face down on the sidewalk in a small pool of blood. [...]

Excited About UNIQLO Coming to D.C.? Not So Fast.

Last week, locals were pretty excited about the prospect of Japanese retailer UNIQLO coming to downtown's new CityCenterDC development after Prince of Petworth pointed out a company job posting looking for a store manager in D.C.
The retailer, which sells moderately priced, casual clothing, currently has seven stores in the United States and is set to [...]

Prince of Petworth Reader Seeks Fistfight Advice

Local gentrifier blog Popville (née Prince of Petworth) has really expanded its offerings lately. Previously, it was just a place for marriage proposals, and narcing on your neighbors and potential Chinese terrorists. But now Prince Dan Silverman is offering a new service: an open forum on how to properly handle a "near fist-fight".
"I was legitimately [...]

Aspiring Snitch Seeks Help on Prince of Petworth

City Desk is no fan of the "stop snitching" phenomenon. If your neighbor is selling hard drugs or beating people up, snitch away! But this advice-seeker on Prince of Petworth is giving calling the cops a bad name:
There are a couple of cars that belong to new tenants on our block that have out of [...]

D.C.’s Worst New Neighborhood Name, Revealed

Washington's abbreviated naming trend has really sped up lately. First there was NoMa and FoBo. Earlier this month, south Adams Morgan became SoMo. And now, Washington has yet another abbreviated neighborhood, and this one is the best/worst of them all: GaP.
That would be near the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro station. It might seem like that area [...]

What Is a Bird, Prince of Petworth?

Pity Dan Silverman, the man behind uber-blog Prince of Petworth. He's on his game, trying to build a new city out here for everybody and give them their afternoon animal fix along the way. But he's stuck explaining the world to this joker, who sends in a picture of birds flocking and asks what they're [...]

“It’s Been Invaded”: Newcomers and Native Washingtonians Clash at Gentrification Panel

This was not the Prince of Petworth's crowd. An hour into the "Humanitini" gentrification panel at U Street's Tabaq Bistro Thursday night, blogger Dan Silverman was having trouble even being accepted as a resident of his own neighborhood. “It's not your Petworth, Dan,” said one woman. “It's mine.”
Silverman corrected her: "It's really our Petworth."
The rest [...]

The Needle: CCTV in PGC

Cameras All the Way Down: People have been treating Prince George's County's speed cameras poorly–shooting them, setting them on fire. Now the county is getting a whole new set of cameras to keep watch on the first set. -3

Swagger-Jacking Critic to Talk Gentrification at Thursday Panel

If you were disappointed that the man who brought the phrase "swagger-jacking" to talk of D.C. development skipped the Busboys & Poets discussion of the issue, then you're in luck.
Stephen A. Crockett Jr., who coined the term last month to describe U Street NW hang-outs like Busboys appropriating black culture, will talk gentrification Thursday at a [...]

Marriage Proposal on Prince of Petworth Succeeds

Whatever you think of gentrifier spiritual leader Prince of Petworth or his paranoid readership, it's hard to hate his "Animal Fix" posts featuring readers' pets. But today, two of the prince's courtiers didn't just find puppies in Animal Fix: they found love.
The top picture in today's animal post features a dog with the proposal sign: [...]

Titan of Trinidad: So Serious Now

When the mysterious blogger behind Titan of Trinidad launched his site in June, he was clearly parodying arch-neighborhood blogger Prince of Petworth. But he appeared to have another, less obvious target in mind as well: the quirks of the entire neighborhood-blog genre.
Two months later, Titan of Trinidad looks a lot like one of those neighborhood [...]

Prince of Petworth Reader Intercepts Chinese Saboteur (or Woman With Bag)

Prince of Petworth has a letter today from someone who saw Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry (reviewed here!) at E Street Cinema over the weekend. While watching the movie about dissident Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei, the letter writer became concerned about a woman who left a bag in the theater.
Hey, people are understandably on [...]