D.C. Cop Indicted on Attempted Murder Charges

A Metropolitan Police Department officer was indicted on a number of charges including attempted first- and second-degree murder in Prince George's County after a November incident in which he allegedly tried to hit his wife with a "metal lamp post," according to the Prince George's County state's attorney's office.
An MPD spokesman says the officer has been [...]

The Needle: In Congress, Opinions Are Like Assholes Edition

Express Yourself: Voters approved an amendment to the Home Rule Charter in April that would allow D.C. to spend locally raised money without waiting for Congress to appropriate it to us by an overwhelming 81-13 margin. The official word from the House of Representatives: Well, that's just your opinion. Literally—a report issued by the GOP-controlled [...]

Maybe the Washington Post Should Move to the Suburbs After All

Washington Post publisher Katharine Weymouth hinted last month that her paper, which is considering putting its downtown home up for sale, might head out of D.C. This could be a ploy to get tax breaks from the D.C. government, but if it's not, where should the Post move?
As a fictional Deep Throat once urged a [...]

District Line Daily: Easy Being Green?

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Mayor Vince Gray will announce a big plan today make Washington the "greenest and most livable" city. [...]

The Needle: CCTV in PGC

Cameras All the Way Down: People have been treating Prince George's County's speed cameras poorly–shooting them, setting them on fire. Now the county is getting a whole new set of cameras to keep watch on the first set. -3

Assisting Homeowners In Prince George’s County

The Urban Institute's MetroTrends blog muses about how to best to spread around the cash Maryland is getting out of the $26 billion settlement five major banks made with the U.S. over the housing crisis. While D.C. is getting $40 million, Maryland's cut is $957 million, and most is supposed to assist homeowners who are [...]

Prince George’s County Bag Tax Revived

Just when we thought it was dead, the Prince George's County bag tax seems to have come back to life. After three failed votes last month, the legislation was finally approved by the county's House delegation, and has headed to another Maryland House committee for approval. From there it will go to the full House [...]

Prince George’s Bag Tax Measure Fails

Though lawmakers were optimistic about the Prince George's bag tax passing—and it received near-unanimous support from the county council—thanks to the Maryland General Assembly, it seems like the bill is dunzo for now:
The bill needed broader support from the Prince George’s House delegation county affairs committee to win approval but fell short on a 3-2 [...]

Bag Tax May Come to Prince George’s

A five-cent bag tax is going up for vote in Prince George's County for the second time, where Democrats say that the number of stray plastic bags caught in trees and blowing around has become untenable. And the bill may even pass, the Sun reports, thanks to the success of the District's bag tax in [...]

Leslie Johnson Gets 12 Months and One Day in Prison

What a way to end your career. Cash-in-bra stuffer Leslie Johnson follows in the footsteps of her husband Jack Johnson, who was sentenced to 7 years in prison last week. She's got  sentence of her own for corruption charges, handed down by the same judge who sentenced her husband.
Johnson, 60, had faced up to 18 [...]

“They Enjoy Interacting With Other Blacks.”

According to this Post story on demographics in Prince George's County, black middle class people like living with other black middle class people!
“They enjoy interacting with other blacks,” Karyn Lacy, a sociologist at the University of Michigan, wrote in her book “Blue-Chip Black,” for which she interviewed dozens of parents in Prince George’s. “Scholars have [...]

The Needle: Valentine’s Play Edition

Passion Play: The National Museum of Crime and Punishment has drawn the ire of Hollaback DC, which says the museum's "Crimes of Passion" exhibit mocks domestic violence victims. Attendees of the exhibit are handcuffed to their partners as they tour the museum; a few special posters accompany existing exhibits showcasing dashing romantics like Bonnie and [...]

The Needle: Dave Matthews Next for FBI? Edition

Trouble in Ward 9: At first, news that federal agents had arrested Jack Johnson at his home this morning was a little confusing; soft rock is annoying, but weren't there worse offenders, like David Gray, Dave Matthews, or that idiot who said that crazy shit to Playboy? Upon further review, though, it seemed the Jack [...]

Bogus Dallas Cowboys Claim Doesn’t Cost P.G. Lawmaker His Seat

On his campaign website Del. Michael Vaughn told voters he "played professional football for the Dallas Cowboys for 3 years." In reality, the incumbent Democrat from the 24th District of the Maryland House of Delegates never played a single down with the Cowboys.
But when an exclusive investigation by Cheap Seats Daily's one-man I-Team (slogan: "There [...]

Harry Thomas Jr.: Speeding Ticket Scofflaw?

If D.C. Council chairman and mayoral candidate Vincent Gray is in a bit of trouble for an outstanding Maryland ticket from 2002, Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. may be really in for it. According to Maryland court records, Thomas has earned himself five speeding tickets in the Old Line State—none of which have been [...]