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The Needle: Two-Faced

Abe Lincoln Vs. Zombies: During an intense Presidents Race at Nationals Park Monday, Abe Lincoln was clotheslined and, much to the shock of onlookers, a human head popped out of the costume . +3
Bike DC: D.C. is the second best city for biking in the country, according to NerdWallet. The rankings take into a number of factors, including [...]

Nationals to Announce New Racing President on Saturday

Update, 11:10 a.m.: The Nationals have tweeted that they are announcing the new president Saturday.

After foam Teddy Roosevelt finally won a president's race at the end of the Nationals regular season, there were hints that a fifth president could be added to the festivities. But who among the remaining 40 would be chosen? Washington might [...]

5 Questions to Ask Teddy Roosevelt in Today’s Live Chat

Newly-victorious foam head Teddy Roosevelt will be chatting with fans at 12:30 today on the Washington Post's site. But what do you ask a costume that's seen so much? Five questions, and a bonus extra question for everyone involved in the chat.
For Teddy:

How mad were you when John Schrank shot you during a speech? Is [...]

I’m Glad Teddy Won, So I Don’t Have to Hear About It Anymore

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Team Teddy's feeling pretty pumped right now.
"CONGRATULATIONS, TEDDY!" tweeted Mayor Vince Gray, a moment after the 26th president's bulbous avatar soared across the finish line. At-Large D.C. Councilmember Vincent Orange tweet-bragged about capturing the moment on his iPhone. The Washington Post newsroom clapped and cheered. Ryan Zimmerman was so [...]

The Needle: Fully Loaded Edition

Fully Loaded: D.C. government offices were closed today for President's Day, which most years is a holiday, but this year is an unpaid furlough for city employees. On his day off, though, D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown had his choice of not one, but two, "fully loaded" Lincoln Navigators to ride around town—one with a [...]