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Police Chief Cathy Lanier's popularity has made it difficult for Mayor Vince Gray's re-election opponents [...]

Photo: Wax Lincoln

1000 Block F Street, NW.  Feb. 20th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Gallaudet University Wants Its Diplomas Back

It's Presidents Day, and Gallaudet University is asking its alumni to give their diplomas back (but presumably keep their degrees) to help the school celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2014. Apparently, "As a federally chartered institution, the President of the United States is the patron of the university, which is why every sitting president has [...]

Should Students Make Up Snow Days on Presidents’ Day?

Fall Church and Manassas  say yes. Alexandria and D.C. say no.
But why does anyone get Presidents' Day off in the first place? The holiday's name is bogus: You may think you're honoring all presidents, or maybe just the three or four everyone likes, but the feds consider the third Monday in February Washington's Birthday.