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Pope or Nope! Your Guide To Seeing (or Avoiding) Francis in D.C.

An annotated version of Francis’ public schedule, with tips on how to spot or avoid him.

Obama Expected to Announce Minimum Wage Boost for Workers Under Federal Contract

In December, local fast food workers employed in Smithsonian museums rallied outside the National Air and Space Museum and called on President Barack Obama to sign an executive order mandating that businesses contracting with the federal government pay their employees fair wages. Food service workers at Union Station held a similar rally this month, and [...]

District Line Daily: Power Meeting

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Mayor Vince Gray sent a letter Tuesday to President Barack Obama, House Speaker John Boehner, and Senate [...]

The Needle: Well Fed

Doomsday Eve: It looks like Congress couldn't get its act together to avert a government shutdown. President Barack Obama criticized Republicans, calling this the "height of irresponsibility." -15
Well Fed:  A handy round-up of all the government shutdown food and drink specials. +3

The Needle: Strong Edition

The State of Our Union Is Strong: There's been more talk of seating charts this week in D.C. than there is on the first day of preschool, but with some luck, it'll all come to an end tonight, after President Obama delivers his State of the Union address at the Capitol. Streets around the Hill [...]

The Needle: Ice Cold Edition

Meet the New Boss: For an ambitious young House Republican, overseeing the District isn't a terrible gig. You get to tell 600,000 people what to do, without fear of retribution from any voting members of Congress, and without alienating your constituents back home, who don't particularly care what the federal government's doing to a bunch [...]

The Needle: Marion Barry, Reality TV Star Edition

Fa-La-La Fail: Every war has collateral damage, and the war on Christmas is no different. In this case, it's the District's rush hour that will suffer. The National Christmas Tree is set to be lit this evening, in a big ceremony featuring President Obama, and gridlock is expected. Now you can grumble about Obama for [...]

A Point of Order: Charging for Some Smithsonian Museums Is Illegal

The Smithsonian is an expensive institution to run, especially since its museums are free. Every couple years, an idea is floated to start charging as a way to cover more of its expenses and reduce the burden on taxpayers for keeping the world's largest museum complex up and running.
Members of President Obama's deficit reduction commission [...]

The Needle: Day After Edition

It's Just Lunch: One man is at the crest of his political power, having just swept to office unchallenged except by a few write-in votes, a bugler, and the Socialist Workers Party. The other? Well, he's seen better days. Such will be the backdrop as Almost Mayor Vince Gray joins President Obama for lunch on [...]

Would-Be Burglars Ruin Vincent Gray’s Ice Cream Interview

City Desk was scheduled to meet up with D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray for an interview Tuesday afternoon. The venue? The Thomas Sweet ice cream parlor in Georgetown, a place the chairman's mayoral campaign picked. In the process, City Desk–with photographer Darrow Montgomery in tow–may have ruined an ice cream outing for President Obama's daughters, [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

In hockey, this week was the worst
The Caps seem to really be cursed
Game 7: they choked
Got totally smoked
An outcome in which they're well-versed
Farewell to the late Dorothy Height
(Whose hats could both awe and delight)
The eulogy, tender
Showed speech-giving splendor
From start to the final sound bite
The teachers continue to wonder
If talks are just doomed to go under
Since [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

Some turkeys have all of the luck
(like those who are born as a duck)
Just one gets a pardon
Out in the rose garden
For years and years longer, he'll cluck
Some other events of past days:
Abe Pollin got posthumous praise
Something 'bout Wizards
What's that? Turkey gizzards!
Excuse my post-prandial haze...