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Lump Sum or Payments? Here’s How Much the DMV Will Take From Your Powerball Winnings

The state is going to get its share

The Needle: Caps Win! Edition

The Ice Of Boston Is For Losers: Not many hockey pundits picked the Washington Capitals to beat the Boston Bruins in the first round of this year's Stanley Cup playoffs. The Bruins won the whole thing last year, after all, and besides, the Caps are from D.C., where all things sport-related for most of the [...]

The Needle: White Cab Edition

You May Be Rich: Someone somewhere in the District is walking around with $200,000 in their pocket. A winning ticket to Saturday's Powerball drawing was sold at the 4 Seasons Convenience Store on South Dakota Avenue NE. The good news: More proof real people do actually win the lottery occasionally. The bad news: If you [...]

$144M Powerball Jackpot Claimed

That's what the Washington Post is reporting!
But we may never know who's claiming it, though we do know it's a couple:
An attorney finally got in touch with the lottery office this week to claim the winnings on behalf of his clients. Hernandez said the money will be handed over at 11 a.m. on Monday, but [...]