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District Line Daily: Same Old, Same Old in the Wilson Building

The Georgetown rabbi charged with voyeurism will appear in court today.

Shit in the Potomac Forces Nation’s Triathlon to Cancel Swimming Portion

Saturday night's storm caused the city's sewage pipes to overflow.

Photo: River’s Edge

Georgetown, July 26

D.C. Man Will Brave Potomac Pollution to Promote Swimming

The waters of the Potomac River have been known to contain sewer water and chemicals that scramble fish's sexes, but that isn't stopping Jeff Brown. Brown, a former Army lieutenant, plans to swim eight miles in the river in July to convince more black and Latino people to try swimming.
Brown's swim, set for July 20, [...]

Photos: Potomac River

Hains Point, December 17

Potomac Not That Endangered?

Maybe the most amusing part of this story about whether the American Rivers list of the "Top 10 Most Endangered Rivers" is actually meaningful is this quote in the Post:
“Any time you have a list, whether it’s the top 10 movies of the year, or the top 10 endangered rivers, there’s always some subjective judgment [...]

Potomac River Health Downgraded

The Potomac River seems to be giving the Anacostia a run for its money these days. The Potomac Conservancy has downgraded the health of the river from the D+ they gave it in 2007 to a D in a new report. The river saw a lower rating because of "continuing concerns about poor land use practices [...]

This Week’s Page Three Photo

Georgetown Waterfront, September 30
Page three photos are now in a big picture gallery.

Photo: Sunday, Swing

Virginia, May 29

After Potomac Floods, Life Sprouts Anew in Its Gorge

Monday's not-so-surprising flooding on the Georgetown waterfront, among other areas of the Potomac River, is a good reminder that although we Washingtonians live in an incredibly planned and built environment, Mother Nature can still pack a punch. Seasonal flooding has been going on for eons, which has helped carve one of the region's most spectacular [...]

The Needle: Diplomatic Real Estate Edition

Embassy for Sale: If local real estate listings are any indication, there may be some budget cuts on the way for Central African Republic. The nation just put its embassy's office space up for sale, for $1.3 million. Diplomats aren't usually fond of giving up anything in the way of comforts, so if a country [...]

Photo: Broken Ice, Potomac River

Potomac River, Dec. 19. © 2010 Matt Dunn

Don’t Dump Your Meds Down the Drain

What do you do with your old, expired medications? Flush them down the toilet, right? Out of sight, out of mind.
But you probably shouldn't do that, as the chemicals will make their way into the local watershed. Which means you may eventually encounter them again—in stranger, and more disruptive, forms.
The problem is complicated. Even if [...]

The Needle: A River Runs Through It Edition

Clean Me a River: Long-time Washingtonians may sometimes wonder what's going through the heads (or digestive tracts) of people fishing on the banks of the Potomac River. For decades, the river's been considered so polluted as to be a national disgrace. Turns out those people fishing were just ahead of the curve, though; a new [...]

The Needle: No Hostages Edition

Phillips Flames Extinguished: A fire in a museum is about the worst nightmare any curator could have. So when the Phillips Collection started blazing this morning, it would have been easy to panic. But museum workers spirited artworks out of the building as soon as they realized the fire had started, and the areas directly [...]